Pikcio has won Visa’s Everywhere Initiative in Tokyo!

Dear community,

We are excited to announce that Pikcio has won Visa’s Everywhere Initiative in Japan!

Pikcio provides a secure and GDPR-compliant blockchain-based personal data exchange platform.

Among other features, our solution offers a one-stop wallet service which enables seamless payment experience without having to go through a personal authentication process every time a payment is made.

Bruno Abrioux, Japan Business Development Head of Pikcio AG said

“We are honored to be the first ever winner of Visa’s Everywhere Initiative in Japan.

Our technology enables the collection, certification and exchange of personal data in a secure manner, respectful of consumers’s privacy.

I’m convinced that we can unlock more value to consumers and businesses by adding consumer-controlled, frictionless personal data transfer capabilities to Visa’s seamless payment experience.

We look forward to collaborating with Visa and its global network to develop a trustable, convenient and secure data & payment economy.”

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