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Pikcio.me V2 is around the corner !

We are thrilled to share with you a preview of the upcoming Pikcio.me V2.

You will find a new bunch of features that we expect will raise the interest in our browser.

The wall

Pikcionauts will be able to submit news, articles, medias on a dedicated media feed called the wall. This feature comes with the ability to tips content creators with PKX tokens directly in their wallets.

We will incentive content creators in many ways to use our platform to share exclusive contents which hopefully will bring more users and traffic on the pikcio.me.

Tipping will be the first concrete utility in the Pikcio eco-system, and we expect others to follow as the pikcio.me grows in the future.


pikcio.me V2 will onboard an integrated wallet to store your PKX and send tips to Wall contributors. A very simple, still efficient, wallet until we can fully integrate the Phantasma app when it gets released.

Blockchain explorer

In the Dapp parts, you will be able to access to the blockchain explorer where you will be to able to monitor mainnet activities.

Thoses features will join the already ones available :

  • Decentralized browsing
  • AI search engine
  • P2P chat

Expected beta phase : Mid October 2019

Expected release date : end of October 2019

Additional features might be integrated in next release.

We want to thanks our community for its support and hope this new version will bring you confidence in the high team’s commitment to bring a quality product to the market.

The Pikcio Team


PikcioChain: The secure blockchain-based exchange for personal data.


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The personal data chain


PikcioChain: The secure blockchain-based exchange for personal data.

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