PikcioBrowser roadmap: latest updates

As we progress through the development of our new browser, we would like to catch you up on what we’ve been up to these past few weeks.

· Registration and login portals

· Matryoshka search integration to find friends and contacts

· Completed Matryoshka refactoring

· CSS design

· Node Electron: open-source tool we use to convert the PikcioBrowser web app to a platform native app

· Electron-tabs integration: a plugin from the Node Electron tool

· Safari history scraping tests

· ReactJS implementation: helps the team work together and faster as well as gives the browser a cleaner interface

· Passphrase generation based on Markov chain to make accounts more easily accessible in the event of a lost password

· URL field for smarter searches

· Matryoshka engine integration for secure and anonymous navigation

· Browsing history management

· Reclass results based on user history

· Bookmark feature integration

For more information on the PikcioBrowser check out Joricks first bi-weekly tech update here:

We look forward to updating you on the next steps as we work towards the PikcioBrowser’s release!

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Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team