Pikciochain Launch Hubble — Our Developer Community

Dear Community,

Pikciochain is proud to announce the creation of Hubble, our developer community. Our goal is to build a community of developers who will create new use cases and support development of the Pikciochain platform.

We believe that having a pool of passionate developers involved in the development of our platform can only be beneficial in the long term. It will strengthen our brand, increase the number of use cases we can offer and build awareness of our blockchain solution in the wider community.

Our developer community can contribute to Pikciochain in a number of ways:

• Building libraries, utilities and dapps on the Pikciochain platform

• Provide QA & perform audits on projects running on Pikciochain

• Assist the Pikcio team and Pikcio labs to develop prototypes and solutions for our customers

• Organise workshops all around the world via our community ambassadors

In return Pikciochain will offer the following:

1. Offering financial rewards for the detection of bugs and conducting audits on new projects

2. Creating connections between projects powered by Pikciochain and Hubble members (potential jobs with these companies).

3. Supporting community projects e.g providing marketing, funding and assistance to a community developed dApp on Pikciochain

We encourage all developers who are interested in Pikciochain technology and becoming part of our developer community to join the Hubble community discord here:


and to follow our github here:


During October we will be hosting the Pikciochain Hubble Hackathon for our development community (11th to the 30th October 2018).

The Hackathon is an open challenge where any creative or inventive idea is welcome. You can develop libraries, dApps, utilities (e.g a block explorer) or anything you think might be of benefit to Pikciochain. We want you to have fun with Testnet as well as adding value to our chain.

More details will be released in an upcoming update about the rules and guidelines for the competition and registration for the Pikciochain Hubble Challenge will take place from the 11th August–10th October.

The team will review all the entries, the developers with the most innovative and substantial entries will be granted access to the core Hubble channel and receive a prize in PKC.

We are excited to share more details on Hubble and the Hackathon in the coming days and weeks, can’t wait to see what our talented community comes up with!

For the latest up-to-date information about Pikciochain and Hubble:

Visit our website,

And join our community.

Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team