PikcioChain MainNet has Launched!

Dear Community,

We’re very happy to share with you that Pikciochain’s MainNet has launched! While this is a pivotal moment in the life-cycle of the Pikciochain project it is really just the beginning of our journey. With our amazing community we can’t wait to watch the Pikciochain ecosystem grow and evolve over the coming months.

Jorick has recorded a special message for the Pikciochain community to coincide with the MainNet launch. In this video he discusses the current state of MainNet and TestNet and our plans and goals for the future. You can check that video out below:


If you’d like to follow what’s happening on MainNet and TestNet you can check out our monitoring client to see the network in action https://monitor.pikciochain.com.

We’d like to thank our fantastic community for all their support and patience so far as we reach this important milestone. We are just getting started so stick around as we will have more exciting updates to share over the coming weeks and months.

For the latest up-to-date information about Pikciochain:

Visit our website,

And join our community.

Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team