Pikciochain — October Updates and Roundup

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If you’re looking for all the latest Pikcio news in one place this is it!

Here are all the major updates that happened for Pikciochain over the last month:

October News

Pikcio Rebranding and New Website went live!

Didier interviewed by Plug and Play Japan

Didier Collin de Causaubon, CEO of Pikcio AG has been talking to Plug & Play Japan after Pikcio became recent graduates of their startup program.

In the interview he discusses Pikcio’s experiences in the Japanese market so far, their involvement with the Plug and Play program and how blockchain technology is implemented in the Pikcio ecosystem.

To find out what Didier had to say check out the link below:

Pikcio joins the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Accelerator Program to be part of the “Global Financial City: Tokyo”

Pikcio named one of the Top 50 Crypto Valley Companies in Switzerland

Pikcio took part in the founding of mydataorg

Pikcio shortlisted for the “Banking Technology Awards 2018”!

Pikcio’s SDK was released

Pikcio signs a collaboration agreement with CNRS (Center for Scientific Research) in France

Pikcio exhibits at the BNP Sustainable Future Forum 2018

Didier Updates

Update Week 40

Update Week 42

Jorick Pikcio AMA

Week 41

How to setup a node on Testnet Guide by Jorick

Jorick is here with a new video series on how to get started with Pikcio’s Testnet! 💻

First topic is “How to set up a node on Testnet”.

In this video Jorick and Antoine will walk you through how to setup a node and interact with others

Christine Ferussi Articles

Healthcare Articles

Thanks as always to our community for all their support, keep an eye on our channels as an update on masternodes is just around the corner.

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