PikcioChain Roadmap Update

Original Publishing Date: Jun 2018

Dear Community,

Every company has a roadmap that sets the milestones for its development. However, if you want to be successful in an everchanging environment, you have to allow for adjustments, to react to new developments. Working in an agile process, we have the freedom to implement new features, improving the user experience and the quality of the overall product. If the timeline is affected by these changes, we make sure to see that the tradeoff between improvements and effects on the timeline is justified and balanced. Furthermore, new goals and ambitions arise and have to be reflected accordingly. In that spirit, we made sure that the roadmap update is the best result of these efforts.

We present to you, our updated roadmap.

June 2018

  • Launch of Pikciochain TestNet
  • Publish Proof of Usage code on Github

July 2018

  • Proof of Usage goes live on PikcioChain TestNet
  • Launch of PikcioChain MainNet
  • Launch of MVP Android version The Wallet

August 2018

  • MVP of desktop version The Wallet

September 2018

  • Proof of Usage goes live on PikcioChain MainNet

October 2018

  • Go Live of Masternodes on PikcioChain mainnet

November 2018

  • Launch of iOs version The Wallet
  • First major updates of Desktop and Android versions The Wallet

We are excited to have these key milestones on our radar and thank everyone for being with us.

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Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team