PikcioChain secures funding of US$6 million in advance of the token sale launch

Jun 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Original Publishing Date: Nov 30 2017

PikcioChain, the Blockchain-based exchange for personal data, has secured over US$6 million in funding ahead of its token sale launch. The funding has come from a variety of strategic supporters including private individuals, family offices and financial institutions.

Buoyed by the excellent level of interest by strategic supporters, its winning of the Paris Fintech Innovation award in conjunction with partners Flatirons Jouve, and a place on the prestigious BNP Paribas/Plug and Play fintech accelerator, at Station F, the world’s largest startup campus, the team at PikcioChain is eagerly awaiting the opening of the token sale.

Sensational interest

“Interest in PikcioChain has been sensational and confirms our belief that in PikcioChain, we’ve designed a truly unique data exchange that organizations and individuals can trust to buy and sell, store and monetize personal data,” said Didier Collin de Casaubon, Founder and CEO of Pikcio AG, the owner of PikcioChain.

“We’re a close-knit and highly experienced team who have been working on this project for over three years. We believe we’ve developed an exceptional and highly efficient solution for the safe exchange of verified personal data and the success of our fundraising indicates that our strategic supporters agree.”

“PikcioChain represents a giant leap forward in the storage and exchange of personal data. Its fully distributed design means data owners stay in control of their own information at all times whilst the PKC Tokens that we’re selling during the Token Sale, provide data owners and third party data providers with a unique opportunity to see a financial return on the use of their personal information.”

A wide range of use cases

Importantly, PikcioChain has a wide range of use cases across a variety of industries. Financial institutions are taking notice because it can help automate the exchange of KYC data. Medical services, insurance companies and marketing firms are also interested because PikcioChain automatically provides the assurances they need that the data they’re holding or procuring is verified and being handled in full accordance with the individual data owner’s wishes.

“Getting such a level of commitment is a fantastic achievement before our token sale, but it is just one more step on a long and very exciting journey,” said Didier Collin de Casaubon.

“Everyone at Pikcio AG is dedicated to making it a huge success. I believe our strategic supporters can see that when they buy PKC Tokens, they’re not only buying a ticket into the PikcioChain ecosystem but are also aligning themselves with a successful and experienced team that has created a unique and practical solution to one of the technology world’s most intractable problems — the safe storage, exchange and monetization of personal data.”

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PikcioChain: The secure blockchain-based exchange for personal data.


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PikcioChain: The secure blockchain-based exchange for personal data.

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