The Wallet MVP Release (Android version)

Dear Community,

We are delighted to show you the first iteration of The Wallet today. When completed, it will make participating in token sales an easy and friction less process. You won’t need to go through KYC for every sale, and you will be able to send funds from within The Wallet itself.

You can download the Wallet MVP right here for your android device:

The following features are available in the Wallet for today’s release:

Create a profile and upload KYC documents

Automatically retrieve Pikciochain KYC for an already registered user

Over the coming weeks and months we will be iterating on and improving the Wallet’s core functionality and adding some cool new features. You can check out the Wallet Roadmap below:

For companies we will also be releasing the following features:

  • Sep 2018: Web-based management tools for KYC and transactions
  • Oct 2018: Access to a pool of certified buyers.

Not only that but there are also benefits for holding PKC tokens in your Wallet coming soon:

We’d urge anyone to register as soon as possible, especially the Token Sale participants, as we are preparing a welcome gift at the moment!

As you can see there are a lot of exciting updates to come for the Wallet over the next few months and its full steam ahead on our goal to build a fully compliant Token Sale Wallet that makes participating in Token Sales as simple and straightforward as buying something online!

For the latest up-to-date information about Pikciochain:

Visit our website,

And join our community.

Warm regards,

The PikcioChain Team