The Apprentice’s Journey

Scope: Quest

Size: Solo, characters with Archmage title only

“Archmage, you have been through a lot. *We* have been through a lot. You have proven your mastery of magic and bravery time and again. You even had to deal with a few… slight… miscalculations of mine.

I think it is time you get access to the Tower. Yes, I’m talking about Karazhan. I haven’t shared the specifics with individuals until now. It’s harder than your regular portals as there is an intricate web of magic that surrounds the tower… Not to mention the leylines intersecting!

Alright, enter the portal so we can start…” will say Khadgar to the Mages with the Archmage title and open the portal to Karazhan. Once there, he will give precise instructions for the next step.

Part 1: Fonts of Magic

“First, you need to gather arcane residue from the sources of power that brought arcane into our world or bred the sorcerous races.”

The Wondrous Wisdomball!

In this part, the player will be first expected to visit the the Arcan’dor in Shal’aran. There they will talk with the First Arcanist Thalyssra to receive a fruit and the Chief Telemancer Oculeth to receive a telemancy beacon. Once this is done, the Wondrous Wisdomball will appear and escort the Archmage for the rest of the journey and inform them of the next steps: The Sunwell, the Nightwell, the Well of Eternity, Nordrassil, and the Nexus. The player will have to travel in time for some of them. Wisdomball will make sure that the player appears close to the targets and place a spell on the Archmage that transforms them into a character that will blend in. Once the targets are visited, the final target will be Dalaran’s original location.

Part 2: Dalaran

“Dalaran has a proud tradition of being a symbol of resistance against the evils Azeroth faces. Let’s remember the things that happened. I’ll allow you to sort of teleport back in time. Don’t ask, it’s complicated.”

In this part, the player will be expected to visit Dalaran in Northrend and Legion. While it looks as simple as opening a portal, Khadgar’s tinkering to allow “sort of teleporting back in time” will make things a bit more complicated. The player will receive a debuff that messes with their Portal spells. Two portals will replace Dalaran Northrend and Legion (ie The player will open a portal to Orgrimmar, but it will lead to WotLK Dalaran). The portals will still reflect the destination visually, so the player needs to open portals and check how the portal looks like until they find out the one they need and enter them.

Khadgar will talk of the Destruction of Dalaran and more

After arriving at each location, the Wisdomball will give the archmage a reminder about why Dalaran had moved to that particular location.

Once these two are done, Wisdomball will enable the last location of past Dalaran: Floating over Karazhan. Through the same portal “game”, the Archmage will find the portal and enter. Next, Wisdomball will teleport the player to Karazhan.


Oops! Due to a miscalculation, the player will find themselves falling through the sky. Hopefully they will cast slow fall in time and drop somewhere around Karazhan.

Are you even surprised?

Once there, they will find Khadgar, who will eat the fruit, commenting on how tasty it is and how he had to convince Thalyssra to try it. He will then thank the player for the telemancy beacon&wand that stored the residue energies which is apparently for his studies. When the player asks about the complex portal of Karazhan, Khadgar will say it’s just hard for regular mages and an Archmage of player’s caliber will easily learn it, teaching them the portal and teleport spells instantly.



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