Fantasy PBA Player Trends

Barangay Ginebra trending up and their players are trending up also.

Barangay Ginebra continue their resurgence as a team stringing together their third straight win. The uptick in their team form has directly translated into an uptick in some of their players performances, with Othyus Jeffers and Joe De Vance both trending up.

The Commissioner’s Cup has seen a drop in performance for usually solid local players like the Kraken June Mar Fajardo and Willy Wilson. Both of these players have seen their usage rates drop dramatically with the introduction of an import in their respective teams. In the case of the San Miguel Beermen it is Tyler Wilkerson who has taken some of the load off June Mar, and in the case of the Phoenix Fuel Masters it is Kevinn Pinkney who has taken some of the load off Wilson.

Players trending up (salary less than 8000)

  • Danny Seigel — salary 5650, Fantasy Points Per Game (FPPG) 12.53, form (fantasy points per game average over last 3 games) 27.43.
  • Joe DeVance — salary 6200, FPPG 12.53, form 16.7.

Players trending up (salary between 8000 and 16000)

  • Nino Canaleta — salary 8400, FPPG 16.62, form 26.86.
  • Peter June Simon — salary 11700, FPPG 17.93, form 23.4.

Players trending up (salary greater than 16000)

  • MJ Rhett — salary 23100, FPPG 45.14, form 51.9.
  • Othyus Jeffers — salary 31200, FPPG 52.06, form 56.2.

Players trending down (salary less than 8000)

  • Gabby Espinas — salary 5500, FPPG 10.85, form 5.3.
  • Kyle Pascual — salary 5250, FPPG 10.34, form 5.9.

Players trending down (salary between 8000 and 16000)

  • Rabeh Al Hussaini — salary 8900, FPPG 11.9, form 3.96.
  • Douglas Kramer — salary 12150, FPPG 15.57, form 3.7.

Players trending down (salary greater than 16000)

  • Willy Wilson — salary 17200, FPPG 31.68, form 16.93.
  • June Mar Fajardo — salary 23500, FPPG 41.62, form 20.9.

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