The Launch of Pilipinas Hoops

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the official launch of Pilipinas Hoops.

Pilipinas Hoops is a fantasy basketball game where users select a lineup of PBA players, and score fantasy points based on how each player performs in the real-life PBA games. Each lineup is then ranked against all other lineups entered in the contest to determine whose team scored the most fantasy points. The lineup with the most fantasy points is deemed the contest winner.

Why play Pilipinas Hoops?

  • Increase your enjoyment of PBA games (even games featuring teams you don’t follow) by following the performance of players you selected in your lineup.
  • Compete against friends and other PBA fans to see who can put together the best lineup.
  • No need to commit to an entire season of games — play when and how often you like.
  • Didn’t go well yesterday? Don’t worry, new contests are available to join everyday there is a PBA game scheduled.
  • Play on your mobile or tablet — Pilipinas Hoops is mobile-friendly.

The aim of Pilipinas Hoops is to revolutionize Fantasy PBA by providing Filipinos with the best fantasy PBA service and building a community of fans — joining PBA fans and fans of individual teams together in friendly rivalry. More than just a platform, Pilipinas Hoops hopes to become a movement — increasing fan engagement and interaction, and providing each passionate PBA fan a means to be more than just a fan — a chance to be a coach and compete against friends and other PBA fans!

Are you a passionate PBA fan and want to start playing Fantasy PBA? Register an account on Pilipinas Hoops and start playing now!

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