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2 min readAug 11, 2020


Designed to support the next generation of top early-stage venture investors, the Pillar MBA/PhD Associate Program leverages fresh new perspectives to identify founders and technologies driving the next frontier of builders. Our team has the chance to expand our reach and learn from your unique experience. You’ll gain exposure to early-stage venture capital, through hands-on, investment sourcing, diligence, and collaboration with our team. Together, we’ll build new relationships with founders and researchers. Apply today.

Who You Are

You are a continuous learner with endless curiosity. You love people, but more importantly, want to move the needle for others. You’re deeply immersed in your community, and love jamming on new ideas. You have conviction on your own theses, but thrive on feedback, and enjoy when your peers challenge you and poke holes in your thinking. You’re an MBA, PhD, or Postdoc at a top university.

What You’ll Do

  • Source: Find and evaluate the next disruptive founders around Boston. Together with a member of our investing team, you’ll discuss the companies you identify, and will join the Pillar team throughout the deal’s entire diligence process.
  • Learn about:
  1. Sourcing strategy
  2. VC diligence
  3. How to evaluate a market

Program Structure

Each fellow will be paired with a member of the Pillar investing team. On a bi-weekly basis, you’ll meet and discuss the investment opportunities you’ve identified over the prior two weeks. You’ll help lead the diligence process for opportunities you’ll identify. On top of bi-weekly investment meetings, you’ll be invited to join our Pillar events and workshops. The program will run through the whole academic year, and you will be compensated for your time. We’re committed to supporting you, and ask that you fully commit in return, attending every session throughout the duration of the program.

How to Apply

Apply here by August 26th.



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