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3 min readNov 24, 2020


When you join Pillar VC as our new Platform (Marketing & Community) Co-op, you’ll help us connect with first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs building the next generation of pillar companies in Boston. As the newest member of our Platform team, you’ll share your perspective to help to elevate our marketing, community, events, and operations efforts.

This is a part-time or full-time position for 6 months, open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Apply now.

About You

  • You’re a jack of all trades. You enjoy working on something different every day, and can flex your skills from email marketing to process creation to event planning.
  • You’re relentlessly curious. You are constantly looking to learn new things and skills, whether it is picking up design on the side, or digging deep into an industry of interest.
  • You’re a connector. You love meeting people, and look forward to networking events.
  • You’re organized. You enjoy running a tight ship, keeping track of deadlines and projects. You can juggle many balls at once (not literally!).
  • You like moving fast. You thrive in fast-paced environments, and are always ready for the next challenge.

Your Responsibilities

  • Research people of interest, including future founders, senior leadership team members in Boston tech, and generally great people to know for our firm and our portfolio.
  • Manage and help operationalize Pillar’s Frequency program, helping future founders learn the ins-and-outs of company building.
  • Attend (virtually!) and help Pillar plan events to expand our community and build strategic relationships with founders and thought leaders.
  • Help execute on Pillar’s content strategy plan, including PR, social media, and written content.
  • Provide marketing support to Petri, a bio + engineering accelerator helping companies attack the world’s largest problems at the frontier of biology and engineering.

How to Apply

  1. Submit your application on Typeform.
  2. With your application, please include an example of written project-based work, such as a personal blog, a slide deck for a report, etc.

About Pillar VC

We started Pillar with the belief that there has to be a better way for founders and investors to align; with the belief that VC doesn’t have to be the darkside. If we treat humans the way we want to be treated, then good things will happen. By aligning the incentives, actions, and decisions to the mutual benefit of both the entrepreneur and Pillar, our hope is that we will engender trust, and from that, achieve profound results together. It’s that simple.

We are the first-capital-in for founders building the next-generation of pillar companies in Boston, and aim to be a founder’s best hire — helping drive incredible results through years of experience, relationships, and a true partnership.

Having recently launched our second fund, we manage over $150M, and are proud investors in over 45 companies that are moving technology, business, science, and Boston forward.

To learn more about Pillar, our Team, the Portfolio, our Founding CEOs, and how we support our companies, please click here.

About Petri

Petri helps formation-stage founders realize the next frontier of biology and engineering. Petri is co-founded by an unparalleled team of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and top researchers, so we know what it takes to help grow your company. We provide the pre-seed capital, strategic support, and unparalleled access to the network you’ll need to break through.

We know there’s no “One Size Fits All” for bio startups. That’s why we prioritize flexibility and agility for founders.



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