Pillar Portfolio Jobs

One of the most critical aspects of any job search is finding the right fit. We spend more time at work than in almost any other area of our lives, so it’s worth it to invest energy into finding the right company culture and opportunity for growth.

To make the process a little easier on everyone, we’re happy to share access to Pillar Portfolio Jobs. Through one simple application, apply to connect with over 50 jobs across at Pillar companies in Boston and beyond.

Getting started is simple:

  • Fill out the standard application form
  • Select which Pillar portfolio companies you are interested in meeting
  • Pillar reviews submissions, and sends your information to relevant portfolio companies
  • Interested companies will follow up with you directly

We’ll streamline the process of connecting you with the companies on your radar. The Pillar community includes companies spanning enterprise SaaS, blockchain, digital health, consumer, quantum and more — every single one led by a founding team on a mission to change the world.

Want in? Reach out to us here.