Welcome, Parker McKee!

Parker McKee joins Pillar VC as our Investing Associate.

Parker McKee first entered our world when he emailed Jamie in 2015 (well before we launched Pillar) hungry for feedback on his new startup idea. Balancing a full load as an undergrad at the University of Michigan where he was a member of the school’s varsity lacrosse team, Parker was also hard at work building GigaDo, a mobile-based outsourcing platform — think Uber for college-aged handymen.

Like many outsourcing platforms, Parker quickly learned the challenges of fighting the user acquisition battle and building a new C2B2C payment system. Jamie shared his take on the business, and introduced him to a few other entrepreneurs and VCs in Boston to tap their insight.

As he met with investors and continued to shape the vision for his startup, a new interest caught Parker’s eye — venture capital. In the summer after his freshman year, Parker landed an internship at .406 Ventures in Boston, where he learned the ins and outs of deal sourcing, company valuations, and working with entrepreneurs.

Parker was instantly hooked. He loved learning about ambitious ideas and digging in with founders to think through creative solutions to complicated problems. As his internship at .406 wound down, he reached back out to Jamie, and the two rekindled their conversation. Together they spent many hours talking through what, at the time, was just an idea starting to take shape in Jamie’s head — Pillar VC.

Fast forward a few months to Spring 2016, when Pillar Fund I saw its initial close. Parker joined the team for an internship shortly thereafter during the summer after his sophomore year (making him the first person to ever receive an official Pillar paycheck!).

We couldn’t get enough of Parker’s energy, relentless curiosity, and passion for finding unique people working on interesting projects in Boston. We were thrilled for him to join us again the next summer after his junior year.

Parker’s been with Pillar since the very beginning. Ground zero. He’s part of the fabric of our firm, and we’re so glad to make it official — please join us in welcoming Parker to the team as our Investing Associate.

Shoot him a note at parker@pillar.vc, find him on LinkedIn here, or follow him on Twitter here.

Welcome, Parker!