⏩ Beta Testing Speeds Up | David’s Webinar on Stablecoins | Unconference Talks: ICOs & The Future of Law

18 September 2018

🆕 Another Week, Another Build, Another Wave of Testers!

Every week we’re shipping a new Pillar Wallet build! The new release addresses a couple of defects — among others, provides the ability to delete the wallet so a user can create another wallet. Your feedback is crucial to identify and fix bugs — thank you for letting us know about those!

The major functional changes include a new home page, a new send flow, the ability to search for countries, support for exiting the app on Android, flags deprecated tokens and some other minor tweaks.

Several hundred users are now beta testing the app — another wave is going to be added to the program this week.

Test the wallet

🤔 How to Make ICOs Great Again?

That was one of the main topics at the Pillar Unconference. These two talks were focused more on the marketing side of things and both were presented by original Pillar team members — the first by Tina, from Famous Publicity, and the second by Dan & Rugi, from CoinLockerGroup.

⚖️ Vinay Gupta and His Vision on The Future of Law

Vinay was shining brightly in Vilnius and gave many mind opening talks that only confirmed what we know already — blockchain truly is going to change the world. How it can change the legal system? Watch and learn!

🎓 David’s Webinar on Stablecoins

They’re growing more and more, but still unknown and mysterious. Learn more about stablecoins in an hour-long class by David, LIVE on BrightTALK — Tuesday, 5 PM UK time (or any time later — it will stay under the same link!)


See you soon!
The Pillar Team