📱 🛠 Beta Testing Update | Pillar Support Team Prep | New Wallet Page | Smart Cities 🏙

30 August 2018

🛠 📱 Beta Testing Update

Our beta testers have spent a busy week hunting for bugs in the Pillar Wallet; they sent test tokens, connected to friends’ profiles, and exchanged secure messages.

Next week, we expect to push a new wallet build to a fresh wave of testers. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so again by registering at the bottom of our new-look wallet page. Thank you testers!

Become a beta tester!

🎓 Pillar Support Team Prepares for Rollout

We spent time in Kiev working with the Pillar Academy’s newest support team graduates to prepare for roll out.

You can contact our word class support, 24/7, through the wallet, via the chat icon on our website, or by emailing support@pillarproject.io.

✨ 📱 Jazzed Up Wallet Page

Our designers gave the Pillar Wallet’s web home a new look with updates on what to expect in the first release of the wallet and the services we will roll out in the near future. Click the image to see.

🏙 Pillar Presence at Tel Aviv Cities Summit

Next week, we’re at the Tel Aviv Cities Summit to meet with representatives from over 100 cities to explore new avenues of adoption for the #PillarWallet and future identity management tools. Here’s where to find us.

🏙 🇱🇹 Smart Cities with the Mayor of Vilnius

Continuing the smart cities theme, watch Tomer speak with Remigijus Šimašius on his approach to exploring new technologies, such as blockchain, to address urban challenges and keep pace with change.

You can find all the unconference talks we’ve shared so far in our YouTube playlist.

See you soon!
The Pillar Team