📱 ✨ New Wallet Build | Beta Testing Expanded | Three New Talks

6 September 2018


💌 New Pillar Wallet Build Sent

Today, we pushed a new build of the Pillar Wallet and shipped it to the next wave of beta testers. Your feedback helped us make key improvements to transaction displays, mobile push notifications, message timestamps, and QR code scans.

When the core bugs are identified and fixed, the development team can shift their focus to expanding feature functionality in subsequent builds.

🛠 Wallet Beta Testing Program Expanded

We’ve reopened our beta testing list to increase the amount of wallet testers. If you’ve signed up but still don’t have the wallet, you will, but to manage the flow of feedback and new users, builds are pushed out in waves.

You can sign up to test at the bottom of our new wallet page. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Test the wallet

🏥 Alex Cahana on Blockchain and Health

We added two more highlights to our unconference playlist this week. First is Dr. Alex Cahana, who draws on his extensive medical background to share the benefits he sees blockchain and decentralised technology bringing to the industry.

⚖️ Liquid Democracy and Tech from Daniel Roka

Daniel Roka presents the concept of technology enabled liquid democracy and the various ways to rethink decision making in the 21st century.

💎 Digital Scarcity from David Siegel

David presents digital scarcity on the blockchain and some of its stranger recent manifestations in this talk given to MBA students at Rise London.

See you soon!
The Pillar Team