Savannah Lee
Jul 11 · 3 min read

We’re super excited that the Pillar Offers Engine is finally live. It’s our brand new exchange feature which lets you swap all your ERC20 tokens and get yourself some PLR, without ever having to leave your wallet!

You can choose the best rates from all kinds of different exchange services, like Changelly. More services will be continually added, including swap functions between different blockchain currencies, so keep an eye out for these new additions.

In case you haven’t updated your Pillar app yet, 👉 click here 👈 to refresh and begin swapping right away!

How to use Changelly inside the Pillar app

We created a simple guide on how to swap tokens using Changelly’s service, directly inside the app. For this example, we’ve chosen to swap ETH for PLR.

1. Open your app and tap the exchange button located in your toolbar.

Select ETH as your selling currency, and select PLR as your buying currency (type in PLR using the search bar). Enter how much you’d like to exchange, entering a minimum of 0.19 ETH.

2. Review the exchange amount and rate offered.

If it’s incorrect, go back a step. If you’re happy with it, tap ‘Confirm exchange’.

Please note all offers are dynamic, meaning that the rate presented is an approximation of the final costs, and the final number might be more or less.

3. View your confirmed transaction and wait for your tokens to magically appear!

You can check the status of your transaction by tapping ‘View on the blockchain’.

We’ve been working hard to make sure PLR is even easier to get your hands on — another step in our preparation for the upcoming Smart Wallet & Pillar Payment Network launch.

About Changelly

Changelly is a leading instant cryptocurrency swap platform which acts as a mediator between trading cryptocurrency platforms and users, providing a wide range of digital assets for a seamless exchange. Changelly mission is making a frictionless exchange process for everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency. The platform provides its API integration for wallets, other exchanges and platforms to empower their functionality with Changelly exchange features.

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We are building an open-source cryptocurrency wallet that grows into your personal data locker. #PersonalData #Decentralization #Blockchain.

Savannah Lee

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We are building an open-source cryptocurrency wallet that grows into your personal data locker. #PersonalData #Decentralization #Blockchain.

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