😳 REAL ETH on the Pillar Wallet?! | 🎉 Our Last Meetup of The Year!

23 November 2018

😱 Is THAT What I Think it is?!

YES! The picture above is the first ever real ETH to live in the Pillar Wallet!

The transaction was made today, as we’ve finished our transition to the Main Net. We’re all very excited about this achievement, and congratulate everyone on the team for pulling it off!

🤷 So Now What?

Switching from the Test Net to the Main Net was a complete success, that’s what made this transaction possible.

It also means that if you were part of our Beta Phase, you can safely delete your app, as it’s now become inactive.

Quality Assurance and penetration testing are now in progress, this includes our bounty program. Keep an eye on our social media channels, as we’ll be sharing much more information over there!🥂 The Last Pillar Meetup of 2018!

Come and meet fellow Pillaristas and get an insight into the plans of 2019!

And maybe we can celebrate something special together… 🙊


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🔮 What is Blockchain Capable of?

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And they said…

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David shares his vision of a better, decentralized world with law-makers and regulators.

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See you soon!
The Pillar Team