The Pillar Unconference Scrapbook 2018

Unconference highlight compilation from the New Kid’s on the Blockchain team

It was a strange and wonderful week. Hundreds of crypto, blockchain, and future-tech devotees congregated in Vilnius for seven days of decentralized workshops, talks, hackathons, and fun.

Here are a few of our highlights.

Pillar’s Semi-AGM, Ecommerce POC, & Pillar Wallet Demo

Aldin shares the customer service roadmap

The leads from legal, customer service, business development, finance, and marketing took to the Main Hall stage for a live update on the progress we’ve made in the first half of the year. We looked to the past, present, and road ahead for the project as we near the wallet roll-out.

Future E-commerce on the Pillar Wallet

Pillar Labs shared a prerecorded e-commerce proof-of-concept — demoing how store owners will offer their products and services to users of the Pillar Wallet, via the Pillar Wordpress plugin.

This is a very early stage POC. Over time, it will develop into a comparison platform to purchase any goods or services through the wallet.

David, Rob, & Tomer take your questions

Following the POC, the founders answered questions from the audience and YouTube live stream. We covered the wallet features, PDL roadmap, beta testing, SDKs, fiat on the wallet, regulation, and more.

AVing the demo livestream

Up next was the one we’d ALL been waiting for. Drew and Thais connected their phones to the screen and demoed the Pillar Wallet on Android. We looked at the asset interface, Signal messaging, support streams, cards, and a live transfer of (test) ETH.

The dev team behind the wallet

The development team then joined the stage for a round of applause and close to the wallet demo.

Watch the full stream.

Time stamps for AGM, e-commerce POC, Q&A, & wallet demo in the description

Hackathons — Unibright, Radix, Pillar

Developers and dreamers were invited to build and experiment at three hackathons during the week.

One Unibright hackathon team, working with DataDash (photo credit, Unibright)

Unibright, supported by Lufthansa, held the ‘Hackathon Without a Single Line of Code’ to explore graphical models for different real-life blockchain use cases.

Winners, Auste and Mindaugas (photo credit, Unibright)

The winning team of Auste and Mindaugas worked on an ‘asset life-cycle’ template to provided a graphical model for design and monitoring purposes. They will join Unibright and Lufthansa for a follow-up workshop in Bingen and Frankfurt later this year.

Ideas pitching at the Radix hackathon (photo credit, Robert)
The room was packed and a steady supply of coffee shipped up

The Radix DLT team, following the launch of their alpha, locked down a breakout room for three days of intensive coding.

Highlights of the Radix hackathon from the New Kid’s on the Blockchain’s cameras

Developers explored fully decentralized commercial applications using the Radix Java and JavaScript libraries.

Vitor briefs the teams at the Pillar blockathon (emojis by Daniel Bar)

Daniel Bar led the Pillar blockathon to explore the decentralized applications and services that will power the Pillar Wallet platform. We saw some fantastic and futuristic ideas with the winning team taking home 5,000 PLR tokens.

We explore the future services that will power our wallet platform

The Main Hall

The Main Hall hosted a continuous flow of action from the first day to the close. The Pillar facilitation, AV, and scheduling teams worked to maintain a unique balance of unconference spontaneity — with speakers jumping on stage to fill gaps between scheduled talks — and order, as featured sessions and livestreams found their place and their audience.

Watch a few of our favorites.

Taavi Rõivas, Mayor of Vilnius — How Identity on the Blockchain can Change Governments

Taavi Rõivas, with Ron Kreutzer, Kaliya Young, and Daniel Bar

David Siegel — 8 Drivers of Change for the 21st Century

Pillar CEO, David Siegel, looks ahead to the year 2050 and the changes that will shape its path

Vinay Gupta — Regulation and Innovation

Vinay Gupta with Anastasija Plotnikova, David Siegel, Paul Rieger

Jack Thornborough, Chris Skulte — the Common Challenges and Pitfalls you Face During an ICO

Pillar’s Jack Thornborough, Chris Skulte, take on the common early mistakes made during an ICO

Unconference self-assemblage

Dot voting in action

Perhaps the best testament to the spirit of the week was the ability of attendees and speakers to take ownership and adapt to the unconference environment.

Life … finds a way

A clear example of this was when a speaker was discovered absent from his scheduled session as an expectant crowed gathered in wait. While the organizing team flapped around in a fervor trying to locate him, the attendees calmly tackled the topic themselves and happily discussed security tokens for the full time slot.

All were satisfied and all was well.

The talk pool

The ‘unagenda’ was formed at the end of each day and each sessions allocated a space based on the number of votes. Large talks went to the Main Hall, smaller workshops to the breakout rooms with many impromptu discussions in between.

David, Piers of Radix, and Daniel discuss something important — almost certainly not golf

We strengthened our relationships with existing partners.

Jack of Pillar debates unconference attire with the NEM team

We built new foundations, leads, and discussed future collaborations with fresh partners.

Testers and Thais try the Pillar Wallet beta

We tested the beta of the Pillar Wallet with 44 attendees and collected valuable feedback to shape its development.

Ralph Reijs getting his money’s worth with his personal drone
Our other Ralph Hofacker leads guitar and the music opening
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The Trakai castle looms large
Pablo captures the fire dances
The show climaxes with an amazing display of sparks and motion

And we closed the week and celebrated the wallet demo with a hell of a bang at our closing party in the historic Trakai castle.

Thanks to all who made it a memorable night!

The Sun sets over the Vilnius Grand Resort

That’s it for 2018.

It will be some time before the full benefit of the unconference will be seen — as with our last event in Poprad 2017. This year we established new connections with partners and individuals, launched our wallet beta and collected live feedback, spread the word on the project’s vision, bonded as a team, and gained valuable exposure as we approach roll-out.

We hope you’ll join us for the next Pillar Unconference in 2019 — wherever and whenever that might be.

See you then!