Voice of the Customer — January 2019

The Pillar Support Team is always here to listen

Welcome to the first edition of the Voice of the Customer here at the Pillar Project. As you may be aware, the Pillar Project aims to differentiate itself by providing exceptional Customer Support and by making sure that your feedback is appreciated and integrated into our Product Roadmap.

As Chief Customer Officer at the Pillar Project, it is my job to represent you as the Voice of the Customer. This is accomplished by providing you with high quality Customer Support with 24/7 coverage and by representing you in all the strategic product development processes. In the industry, we call this Customer Success as it involves a pro-active stance by giving education on the product and by incorporating the feedback we capture while Customer Support is a reactive stance by solving issues on an ad hoc basis.

However, we require evidence to do so, this is why I need your help. By submitting your feedback, I am enabled to become your advocate on a purely empirical basis. This allows me to help steer the product development towards features that are important to you. The more requests there are for a certain feature, the more it becomes a priority on our Product Roadmap.

Below are the results of the first edition of this report, in the subsequential reports I will be able to give you an update on which feature have increased in demand and which feature requests have been implemented into our product based on your feedback.

The first section discusses Feature Requests which are deemed reasonable and could be picked up into a feature release depending on the prioritisation of the Product Roadmap while the Deferred section discusses feature requests which are not going to be implemented any time soon. Lastly, we look at ERC-20 Tokens which have been requested to be included in the Pillar Wallet’s asset list.

Feature Requests

The most requested feature has been without a doubt the support of other blockchains on the wallet. Surprisingly LTC has been requested more times than BTC.

CS — FR — x131 — Add support for other blockchains:

LTC — x37
BTC — x34
DGB — x16
XRP — x10
ETC — x5
NEO — x5
EOS — x4
XLM — x4
XMR — x3
QTUM — x3
TRX — x3
BCH — x2
IOTA — x1
BSV — x1
SIA — x1
ADA — x1
DASH — x1

CS — FR — x13 — Exchange integration
CS — FR — x10 — Possibility to delete contact
CS — FR — x10 — Unlock with a fingerprint
CS — FR — x7 — Group Chat
CS — FR — x6 — Attachments in chat
CS — FR — x5 — Dark mode
CS — FR — x5 — Referral option (possibility to invite new users by sending)
CS — FR — x4 — Have multiple accounts under the same seed phrase
CS — FR — x3 — Ability to give nicknames to connections
CS — FR — x3 — Ability to configure wallet into different languages
CS — FR — x3 — 2 Factor authentication and unsequence number pin
CS — FR — x3 — Add AUD currency
CS — FR — x2 — Ability to request custom tokens by yourself
CS — FR — x2 — Save draft in Chat
CS — FR — x1 — Ability to change assets order
CS — FR — x1 — Pending status should be displayed in orange instead of green
CS — FR — x1 — Automatic scroll down in chat conversations
CS — FR — x1 — Cold storage feature
CS — FR — x1 — Ability to buy crypto/tokens with fiat money 
CS — FR — x1 — To make the total amount in each coin brighter
CS — FR — x1 — Possibility to correct messages in chat after they are sent
CS — FR — x1 — Assets — Ability to cancel pending transaction
CS — FR — x1 — Price chart option
CS — FR — x1 — add a hide from public search option
CS — FR — x1 — add a running total of all assets at the top of the wallet
CS — FR — x1 — A notification that Connection Request was cancelled
CS — FR — x1 — Audio calls feature
CS — FR — x1 — Hide balance button
CS — FR — x1 — Adding photos to the tokens icons
CS — FR — x1 — Link receiving address to hardware wallet
CS — FR — x1 — Sound notifications
CS — FR — x1 — Possibility to delete old accounts
CS — FR — x1 — Back up notification takes you right to the back-up sequence
CS — FR — x1 — Save wallet address for future use
CS — FR — x1 — Indicator in chat to show that messages are seen
CS — FR — x1 — Add metrics, news and alerts
CS — FR — x1 — Telegram alike message reply feature in chat
CS — FR — x1 — Add the state line
CS — FR — x1 — Compatibility with Trezor, Ledger
CS — FR — x1 — Add CHF (Swiss Franc) currency
CS — FR — x1 — Add support for ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens
CS — FR — x1 — Auto display all the tokens with balance >0
CS — FR — x1 — Possibility to sweep wallet


CS — FR — x1- Assets- Copy and save QR code as an image
(currently no use case for this feature)
CS — FR — x1 — Ability to transfer tokens without an internet (via Bluetooth)
(currently there is no use case for this feature)
CS — FR — x1 — Ability to send assets by inputting their quantity in £
(as we look to move away from fiat, this will not be implemented)
CS — FR — x1 — Adjust gas fee
(as per our roadmap, we will be implementing state channels)
CS — FR — x1 — create username with less than 4 digits
(unfortunately, this will not be possible due to ENS implementation)

Token Requests

These ERC-20 tokens were requested the most and will be implemented into the wallet in the next release.

THETA — x13
ETCH token — x4
GRID — x1
Elastos token — x1
OAK -x1
KVT (Kinesis Velocity Token) — x1
Hirematch token — x1 
ICX — x1
ASTRO — x1 
AdToken (ADT) — x1 
VeGLD and VeSLV — x1
SNM — x1 
WILD — x1
WANDA — x1 
KWHCoin — x1
Wanchain — x1 
XVG — x1
napoleonX token (NPX) — x1
XBRL token (PXT) — x1
Tezos token (XTZ) — x1
ChangeNOW (NOW) token — x1 
ONG — x1

I invite you to co-develop the Product Roadmap with us. You can do this by reaching out to us via support@pillarproject.io or via the Pillar Wallet by tapping on the “?” icon on top left corner of the “Home” tab. We can only measure what is provided to us through official channels as measuring other channels such as Telegram, Twitter, Youtube etc. are not scalable enough to be captured at this stage.