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4 min readApr 24, 2019

Along with prescribing and sending birth control across the United States, Pill Club provides another unique service to our members: free goodies in every shipment. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about these care package items, this blog post is for you!

I spoke to Melani Facundo, Business Development Manager at Pill Club, to get all of the crucial details.

Melani Facundo, Business Development Manager at Pill Club

KIM: Hi Melani! Let us know how you find the items to go into Pill Club’s care packages.

MELANI: Hello! Each month, we source products that might match a certain theme or a specific season. We like to stay relevant and introduce products that help enhance and personalize your overall experience. Sometimes, I’ll source the item of the month by reaching out to companies that share similar values as we do, but companies are always welcome to reach out to us if they’re interested in having their product enjoyed by our members!

KIM: For those who haven’t been Pill Club members for very long, could you give readers a breakdown of some of the products we’ve had in the mailers since the care package started?

MELANI: Of course! One of the first companies we partnered with was Good Clean Love. We’ve partnered with them a couple of times to bring you some really awesome products over the past 3 years. They’re actually our partner for April! We’ve had the opportunity to feature their Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant, Bio Match™ Balance™ Moisturizing Natural Personal Wash, Bio Match™ Restore™ Moisturizing Vaginal Gel, and the BioNude Personal Lubricant. Their products are organic, all-natural, and check off all the boxes we consider (and more!) when curating items to align with our mission and values.

One of the most unique items we’ve featured is a UTI preventive drink mix by Uqora in July 2018.

My personal favorite is the TCHO Milk Chocolate with Blue Bottle Coffee (a.k.a. Mokaccino) because I love coffee! I also really enjoyed working with Jennifer Pazaruski over at Sweet Grass Essentials who created a very special PMS essential oil blend for our members back in February 2018. It smelled delicious and definitely had the calming aroma I needed before and during my menstrual cycle.

KIM: Besides being able to fit into the mailers, what are you looking for in an item?

MELANI: Personalized care is important to us here at Pill Club, so I make sure to keep that in mind when sourcing products — because we want our members to lead healthy, happy, and enjoyable lifestyles. To us, that all starts with the medications that allow our members to empower themselves and make choices about their reproductive health. The products and services that follow are meant to complement that initial decision to put their future in their hands.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

KIM: Do you have a wishlist of ideal care package items?

MELANI: It would be so awesome to partner with other personalized subscription box services like CAUSEBOX, StitchFix, IPSY, and Birchbox. I’m currently mad-crushing on Ritual Vitamins right now and I love how they created the ultimate multivitamin with such a rockin’ brand behind it. I also think MyFacetory is a notable mention since they’ve risen to the top of skincare in such a short span of time! And face masks are the perfect addition to a healthy and happy lifestyle!

KIM: Why do some items continue across mailers, but others do not?

MELANI: Our signature care packages always include your birth control prescription and other “essential” products, paired with our unique sample of the month. The essentials continue from month to month and include an edible treat and an exclusive sticker. The sample of the month launches on the first of each month.

KIM: Pill Club members really, really want to be able to order those amazing stickers. Do you think that will be possible in the future?

MELANI: Right now, the stickers are exclusive and available to our members only when they are released! If you like a particular design, let us know how much you love it by tagging @pillclub and #pillclub in your posts and photos on social media so we can continue to create designs you all are enjoying the most! Maybe we’ll bring a design back as a “blast from the past.” ;)

KIM: Can you give any hints about what’s coming up in future mailers?

MELANI: We’ve got some exciting partnerships in the pipeline this summer that will make for a *cool* surprise.

KIM: Anything else you’d like to add?

MELANI: Yes! Since everyone is not on the same mailing cycle, the soonest some people might receive a refill is every 21 days, while others might have more time between refills. The difference in mailing times should explain why some of you might be receiving the same signature care package items more than once. There are usually about 30 days before we swap out the sample or sticker design of the month, so if you get a refill every 21 days, you’ll get the same items twice!

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By Kimberly Serrano, Content Strategist/Editor at Pill Club.

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