How to write for the Pimcore Development Hub

Here are the official submission guidelines.

You’ve got some hands-on experience on Pimcore and you’re looking to share your insights with the rest of the community? This is your lucky day. This guide is created to make sure that goes as easy as it can for you.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know in order to publish your work on Pimcore Development Hub.

So, let’s begin!

What kind of content gets published in Pimcore Development Hub?

For every submitted article, we’ll try to answer a few questions:

Is the article written for the reader?

Does your article provide useful and actionable advice, a fresh take on an important subject, or a valuable insight into the industry?

Does the article offer a good reading experience?

Is your article well-formatted? Are the beginning, the middle, and the end of the article clearly highlighted? Are you being clear and concise in your writing?

Is the draft unpublished?

To make sure we can schedule content properly and that each article spends a certain amount of time on our front page, Pimcore Development Hub is accepting only unpublished drafts.

Is your article an original one?

If you’re looking to cross-post an article you’ve already published on your personal or company website, that’s completely okay! Make sure all of your submitted content is yours originally and that you’re not resubmitting your past work.

How long is your article?

Generally, we prefer 5+ minute reads, as they tend to perform best on Medium and it helps us make sure that the content you’re submitting is of high quality.

  • Besides the above-mentioned criteria, the subject matter, timing, and volume are also taken into consideration when reviewing the submission.

Getting added as a writer for the Pimcore Development Hub

After you’ve checked all of the guidelines, the next step is to apply to be a writer for the PDH publication. Luckily, the whole process is extremely easy! Fill out the short form below and that should be it!

After you’ve successfully applied, you should be added as a writer in just a few days! Once you’re added as a writer, you should receive an email from Medium confirming the same information. Once this is over, you’ll be able to see Pimcore Development Hub in your list of publications.

How to submit a Medium story

After you’ve applied to be a writer and you already have an article prepared for our growing Pimcore community, it’s time to submit the article!

Once you’ve finished the draft, to submit the story you need to do the following:

  1. Click the “…” button in the upper right corner of the page
  2. Click on “Add to publication
  3. Choose “Pimcore Development Hub” from your list of publications
  4. Click on “Select and Continue” and finally on “Submit” once everything’s finished
  5. Wait. Once you’ve submitted your draft, we’ll be sure to review it in no time!

Depending on how you’ve set your settings, you should receive an email from Medium the moment your article is accepted or rejected. Along with it, there will be a private comment, informing you when the article should be live!

Pimcore Development Hub is a new publication, and we're always open to accepting new writers! All stories are typically reviewed within 3-5 days, though we do pride ourselves on being quicker.

If you’ve made sure that you’re following the written guidelines, you have massively increased the chances of getting your article published! We’re happy to take part in your writing journey.

Also, if you have any questions regarding Pimcore Development Hub and our editorial process, let us know! Feel free to send us an email at anytime!

Good luck with your next article and welcome to your new community!



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