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One Lens, One Color & Too Many Words

Jun 2, 2016 · 2 min read

Who I am

My name is Pinaki. I make books.

I photograph, write and design.

I am a columnist for , the most-subscribed agricultural weekly newspaper in Switzerland.

I am currently exploring some of the of Switzerland, along its border with Italy. Apart from books and exhibitions that come out of this work, I am working on events which bring people together, revolving around storytelling, food and wine, and shared experiences.

I’m also documenting life around the sources of the river Emme in the Emmental Alps. Read the stories on this site and come visit my permanent along the banks of the river. This body of work will eventually become a book.

I’ve done stories on France, Russia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Bahrain, the UAE, Iran, India, Thailand and Malaysia.

How I Work

Minimalism, and focus, is key. As Cartier-Bresson said, “C’est par une économie de moyens et surtout un oubli de soi-même que l’on arrive à la simplicité d’expression.” It is by an economy of means and above all a forgetfulness of oneself that one arrives at simplicity of expression.

I use one fixed lens for all my shots, and usually keep it at the same aperture. I work within a couple of meters of my subject. I don’t own a zoom, or a flash, and don’t shoot color. I’m not interested in shooting everything. I’m only interested in what matters to me.

Photography and Writing

Most stories are written and photographed by different people. But writing and shooting aren’t watertight compartments. Neither should they be ends in themselves.

There are many photographers in the world, and many good writers. But not many who do both. When you mix the two, when one leads to the other and the lines get fuzzy, you can tell a story with a single vision that runs through both. Because the person you photograph is the person you have talked to. And because both your shots and writing share the same style.


If you’ve got a story to tell, do get in touch with me. I’d love to be a part of your effort.

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