Mapping the Emme

Follow Photos & Stories Across Geography

Follow the story on this map by clicking on the camera icons.

I’ve made it monochrome by default to make the icons stand out, and for the map to be less distracting once you open the story windows when clicking on the camera symbols.

You can change the map to show more detail.


On the menu on the left, deselect the gray map by choosing the second option (Map swissTLM grey) to turn to the color version.


Click on the Background window at the bottom right. Color map has the most detail.


Clicking on a camera icon opens a window with a little story.


The most stunning map has to be Journey Through Time (choose it in the menu on the left). Here is Schangnau in 1864, with my photos superimposed!

Maps by / Federal Office of Topography, Switzerland

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