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Aug 29, 2016 · 3 min read

Follow my story on life around the sources of the river Emme, the river that gives its name to the Emmental valley of Switzerland.

You can click on the map above or on this link.

You will see many more icons as you zoom in, and when clicked they open windows with stories and photos.

Colored Icons

There are 3 colors of camera icons:

  1. Red ones open stories with text and photos
  2. Orange icons have photos of people
  3. Yellow open photos of landscapes

Seasonal Migrations

Click on the dotted line to see information on the annual migration of Swiss farmers. Camera icons along the line will show you stories and photos from this journey.


On the upper left menu on the map, select the maps you want displayed, which can superimpose themselves over each other (you can also change their order vertically by dragging them up or down) like layers.


Click on the Background window at the bottom right. Color map has the most detail. The map has been set to grey by default, and then superimposed with maps from the menu on the left: the National Map and a Hillshade map for relief. Hide them by unchecking their boxes.

Hiking trails

Click the hiking trails box on the menu on the left to display the network. Blue means alpine trails, red are mountain hikes and the yellow are flatter routes.


The most stunning map has to be Journey Through Time (choose it from the menu on the left of the map). Here is Schangnau in 1864, with my photos superimposed! Click on the year in the menu and select any other listed.

Adding maps

You can search for additional maps and add them to the menu on the left

Maps by / Federal Office of Topography, Switzerland


because the best stories are our own


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because the best stories are our own



because the best stories are our own