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Announcing Dedicated IPFS Gateways

Fast and Branded For You

Why Might You Need a Dedicated Gateway?

If you’re fetching content from IPFS, you want it to be fast. But the more content that’s fetched, the slower the response times can be. It’s like waiting at a busy deli counter for a nice pastrami. You know you’ll eventually get it, but you don’t know how long it’ll take for everyone else to get their delicious lunch. What if you could have your own personal deli counter?

Setting Up Your Gateway

Sign into your Pinata account, go to the Billing page, and choose the any of the paid plans. Once you’ve done so, you can create a dedicated gateway by clicking on the Pinata Gateway link on the left sidebar. Click Create Gateway and you’re off and running.

Gateway Control

Want even tighter control on the speed and accessibility of the content you are serving through your gateway? By default, each gateway will restrict the content served through it to only the content which is pinned by your account.

What About Custom Domains?

What makes this whole experience even better is that you can set up a custom domain as easily as you do with your own personal blog.

Get Started Now

We’re excited to exit the beta testing period and release this new product to everyone. You can sign up here!



The cloud wasn’t built for this. Pinata was. Managing your NFT media just got easier.

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