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How To Build Your Own NFT-Gated No-Code Version Of Udemy

Using Pinata,, and LinkTree

Setting Up Accounts

You’ll need a Pinata/ account (on a paid plan) to get started. You’ll also need a Linktree (free account). Let’s start with Pinata.

Building The Tutorials On

Udemy is a bunch of video tutorials, right? So we need video content. This is going to be up to you to provide. Just like you’d record videos, edit those videos, then add them to Udemy, you can do that with

Creating The Landing Page With Linktree

When creating your Linktree page, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to customize it, but let’s start by adding the links. On the customization page, you’ll see an Add New Link button. Click that and you’ll be prompted to provide the link and some info about that link.


This is a simple example with powerful implications. Creators want easy tools to manage the distribution of their content and the revenue streams from their audience. Unlockable media through combined with the ease of Linktree’s link page builder lets you create an experience that in the past would have taken months and thousands of dollars to build. You can do it all for a few bucks a month and without any coding skills.



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