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3 Reasons Why You Should Add Instant Chat to Your Service

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Do you prefer to contact online customer service when you want to have questions about a product online? Customers nowadays expect to receive immediate responses as they become more used to using messengers online. Business websites which support this kind of instant support can find it easier to retain customers.

Here are some advantages of using instant chat.

Lower the bouncing rate of your website

Many websites still lack live chat to help their customers, so customers tend to leave the website with their questions unsolved, or they will have to look for a customer service email/phone. But either way is not efficient enough and may force customers to leave your website due to the lack of instant support.

Builds trust

If your customers have a great experience on your website due to your continued instant support, trust can be built and they are more likely to repurchase or recommend you in the future.

Increase conversion rate

During your chat with customers, you can help solve their problems or provide a promotional code in time to push them to complete their purchase.

Some people may say if you need an instant chat, you can simply add a Facebook Messenger plugin anytime. However, we won’t recommend you to do so. Here’s why.

Then, what can you do?

Add PinChat to your service in a blink of an eye

PinChat allows customers to connect with businesses via a PinChat link or QR code. We provide:

Single dashboard for management

You can manage all your chatrooms in a single dashboard. Reply to messages and edit your PinChat link/QR code easily.

Chat Widget

We provide a javascript code for you to add a chat widget to your website in 5 minutes, all you need to do is copy and paste.

Switch between chatbots and agents

You can set a chatbot for initial conversations or FAQ answers. If you notice that customers need further help, you can then join the conversation immediately.

Notification settings for both businesses and customers:

Get notified by SMS messages or emails even if you’re not online to reply as soon as possible. Customers can also choose whether to receive notifications of this chatroom once they enter, so they can get back anytime when they receive a new message.

Learn more about PinChat’s features on our website!
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Let customers interact with you directly with your PinChat link or QR Code.

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讓顧客隨時透過您的 PinChat 連結或二維碼直接和您聯繫。Let customers interact with you directly with your PinChat link or QR Code.

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