Compost to Humans

by Steve Wardrip

We Humans are not allowed to mess with Mother Nature… Wait and see! Hide and watch. Mother Nature wins!

Humans are just anxious little animals she made, scurrying around like nervous, confused rats in a maze. — steve wardrip

The moment you shit on the ground , you begin to disrespect nature. You shit in you own bed, so to speak.

A good boy scout knows how to dig a latrine, a good soldier knows how to dig a latrine, a good farmer knows how to build an outhouse, and a good citizen knows how to build a plumbing system that will eliminate wastes without harming the environment. A good politician knows when to keep his mouth shut.

Defecating is fashionable in some circles. Please define that one for me. I’m shocked and appalled. Some things people write are disgusting. People demanding other people. Commanding other people. Condemning other people. Messing with other people. Shitting on other people.

OK! Shit is on!

You want it? You got it!

Global Warming. Shit! Earth is not a toy. Dumb fuck! Earth is your bed, your house, your bathroom, your kitchen, your garage, your car, your toilet paper, your clean sheets, your breakfast, your underwear, your constipation and diarrhea. The Earth is you, dumb fuck.

Now, that you understand you are not a separate entity, you may now proceed with living responsibly on this wonderful planet.

steve wardrip

steve wardrip

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