The First Thing: I Will Piss You OFF!

By steve wardrip

You. Yeah, you!

How can you live with yourself?

You poke and complain about others,

But, Just LOOK at you! Dumbass!

Who do you think made you?

If it was you, you did a pitiful job!

If it was God, He has plans for you.

You really should get with the program.

Everything you try to do by yourself will fail in a most miserable way.

It will fail in a perfect way!

The only way I know of is to tune in to the correct vibration and revenge is not in the picture.

Who forgives you?

Who do you forgive?

We are not perfect.

I am smarter than you, but that’s another story.

What matters is what’s important.

What’s important?

It is imperative that you discover who made you.

Otherwise you would just be a kept and pitiful wanker.

So… being the wanker that you are, there is salvation.

You, wanker, can be saved, but not of your own accord.

First, you must be in compliance with the authority.

Who is the authority?

He who says “I Am That I Am.” , GOD ALMIGHTY

HE who constructed you out of the firmament.

He made you and had you crawl up out of the sea and stand up on terra firma (land), DUMBASS!

And you lived thinking what?

Dumbass, let me explain to your pea brain,

You had not a hand in constructing yourself.

You did, however do a bangup job of damaging and defiling yourself.

That’s where all that freedom comes in…. the choices.

Choices are like voices, They keep calling out for attention.

Choose the fear of bears and dominate it with a positive attitude.

Fear is it’s only weapon, and you have courage. Which is stronger?

When hunting bear, fear disappears when you find the bear and have it in your sights. At that point you decide that the bear isn’t going anywhere.

I should have charged you $50,000 US Dollars for that tidbit.

Here’s another $50K tip for free;

Start looking at the opposite sex differently… like as if they had angel wings on their back. Because that’s what they really are. None of us can see it, but the wings are there.

Would you like another bonus? For Free, No Charge… this is worth millions, billions, zillions….

Love Thy God With All Thy Heart and All things Will Be Added Unto You. 
 With God All Things Are Possible.

First I pissed you off, next you loved me for what I taught you. Now, Go Love and Share God With Others.

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