Trestles and Trellises

By Steve Wardrip


Flexing by the wayside,

A terminal textured weave,

Complex as a woven sleeve.

The interfusion of unity,

Conjoined forces never deceive,

A figure eight inside and out,

Looping and repeating throughout.

Standing tall at the center of it all,

A solid soldier is left to bury himself,

He digs his grave, jumps in and shovels,

Covers his head with dirt and suffocates.

He did no more than any other man,

Tasked with the same truth to unfold,

A man gets wise and a man gets bold,

Not waiting for it to unfold, tearing it apart!

You can fish from the bank, but you can’t bank on fish,

Some may in one hand, demand, and in the other a wish,

But in the Big Bar-B-Q in the sky, the smoker is golden,

My plate will be full and a big glass I’ll be holdin’.

Don’t you dare go spying on the back lot!

You’re not allowed to see the props from behind,

For everyone doesn’t know the world is but set scenery,

Built by showbiz carpenters for show sets from banks to beaneries.

So, from trestles to trellises, oak trees to roses,

Shine a light on the moon to make rosy cheeks and noses,

Ancient texts will tell you of the Pointed pyramids,

The Sphinx has the deep secret safely tucked away, hid.

Try no to think of trouble or it brings itself,

Don’t try to jinx us by putting favors on a shelf,

Open the path to the night, the light of a tight kite,

Be light and be right, be a fight with might, Alright!

Trestles and Trellises,

Buffoons, cartoons and balloons.

How many “Hell Yes’s!”,

Are there found in one room?