Local MN Tech Coverage Matters

The stories that we tell about ourselves matter. They shape our perception of our world and what we believe is possible. It helps us understand who we are. In our large world it locates us and gives us purpose. Without stories we struggle to find our place. The story of MN Tech has been told by many. Yet it has never been told large enough. I have never heard all the voices I needed to hear. This is the reason we started ping.mn.

Community-sourced content lets us hear, listen, and share those voices. To be a place that celebrates great things that are happening. Stories that confront us in the areas and ways we fall short. Hearing voices from across the state, disciplines, ages, races, genders, and perspectives. I need to hear these voices, because I don’t know where to find them right now.

There is a place for those currently telling the story of Minnesota Technology. We need people to translate what it is we do for the world. There should be places for investors to gain confidence in investing here. But we are done being limited to that story. After all, Minnesota is the home to the first super computer, and the first widely adopted internet. Our story goes deep, and we are not done creating.

Minnesota-made tech is amazing. It is time we tell stories for ourselves. Anyone can listen, but this time we are talking to one another. We are world class creators, and innovators. Yet we stay quiet. We have a lot to be proud of, and to share.

Share with us. ping.mn is for everyone. This is a way to check in and see what is happening. Consider this your invitation to join, read, and contribute. It’s for the just started, side hustlers, startupers, freelancers, SMBs, agencies, contractors, and our corporate friends. To hear about events, makers, games, artists, SaaS, IoT, side projects, hacky weekend ideas, hardware, med-tech, codeschools, ag-tech, and all the other tech I didn’t list.

Together lets raise our voices. Lets hear one another and celebrate everything we are, and can become. We work hard, and build great things. We are Minnesota Tech.

Author Paul Prins at a recent event. Founder of Midwest Skier (1998), and Fresh Vine (2008). Advocate of Minnesota, Technology, and many more things.