Minnesota Tech Podcasts and Webshows

An alphabetical listing of the podcasts, webshows, and video channels that discuss Minnesota tech or are hosted by local tech folks. To add another show to this list, please post a comment.

A weekly podcast about iOS development and related technology by development veterans. We discuss Apple, tools, practices, and code. Often co-hosted by Jaim Zuber (Minneapolis).

MSP on Deck
Podcast covering Minnesota startups and tech. Starring Kathy Grayson, Paul Debettingies, and Casey Allen. Sponsored by the MSPBJ.

Nice Games Club
The podcast where nice gamedevs talk gaming. Nice! Hosted by Martha Megarry (Minneapolis), Stephen McGregor (Minneapolis), and Mark LaCroix (Minneapolis).

Script and Style
Live webshow covering web development and the personalities that are building the web. Hosted by Todd H. Gardner (Stillwater) and David Walsh (Madison).

Security in Five
A short podcast that brings you security news, tips, advice and opinions in the area of IT and general security. In about five minutes. Quick to listen to, easy to understand. Hosted by Drew Koenig (Minneapolis).

Startups for the Rest of Us
Podcast that helps developers, designers and entrepreneurs be awesome at launching software products. Whether you’ve built your first product or are just thinking about it. Hosted by Rob Walling (Minneapolis) and Mike Taber.

The Schmidt List
A weekly show created to inform leaders who manage projects, build digital products and coach teams in design and technology. Hosted by Kurt Schmidt (Minneapolis).

Rochester Rising

The Rochester Rising podcast is a deep dive into the entrepreneurial community of Rochester, Minnesota and the surrounding area. They share stories of risk taking and innovation. Take a listen to learn more about Rochester’s rising innovation culture.