What is Ping.MN?

Cody Ogden
Feb 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Ping.MN has received an amazing response since we launched it on-the-fly last Thursday. We’re excited to introduce ourselves, and we want to answer some questions we’ve received.

Our mission is to highlight Minnesota technology, innovation, and the people behind it. Together we’ll collect and distribute diverse, community-sourced news.

A gap exists in the news coverage of Minnesota’s technology community. The current sources of tech news in Minnesota do not represent the breadth of innovation found in #MNTech. This coverage matters. We wanted a source of news that:

  • Includes wide-ranging coverage of technology and innovation
  • Pursues diversity in its coverage and contributors
  • Celebrates success beyond valuation or funding
  • Provides a platform where the #MNTech community can contribute and provide their perspectives

We recognized that a community-sourced publication could fill this need, so we said, “Let’s make it.”

We’re a group of people from diverse backgrounds who have a variety of interests involving technology and our community. We’re entrepreneurs, developers, designers, technologists, speakers, and community members just like you. We were inspired to create a news publication that better represents #MNTech. All of us are excited to be involved in Ping.MN, and we’d like for you to join.

Ping.MN is community-sourced. Our community is the content provider as much as it is the content. We want you to write, share technology news from Minnesota, and tell the stories about the people driving our community. Get started by reaching out to us on Twitter at @pingdotmn (DMs are open), or submit posts to Ping.MN on Medium.

We welcome every submission. Our team of editors and writers will work with you to ensure submissions align with our mission. We want the news featured on Ping.MN to be unbiased, relevant to our community, and focused on celebrating #MNTech. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Write about your experience in #MNTech.
  • Send us a tip or lead about a new technology being used in Minnesota.
  • Interview a community member, or help Ping.MN get in touch with them!
  • Share an event that’d be interesting for us technology folks.

If you want to contribute but don’t know what you’d write about, we have a list of article ideas we’d be happy to share with you as well.

We love this community, and we’re excited to build Ping.MN as your source of community news for #MNTech.

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Community-sourced technology news and events in Minnesota. #MNTech

Thanks to Paul Prins and Todd H. Gardner.

Cody Ogden

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JavaScript/Front-end/UI/UX dev. Tinkerer. Volunteer. Former Sign Language Interpreter. / @pingdotmn



Community-sourced technology news and events in Minnesota. #MNTech