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Introducing PingTag 2.0: lost-and-found QR code labels with anonymous messaging!

The best thing about starting a new company is that you never know where the path will lead you. That journey, despite being uncertain and stressful at times, is often more rewarding than the comfort of a steady paycheck.

PingTag 1.0: The Genesis

A while back, my car got towed because I accidentally blocked someone’s driveway when I parked it, and I had to $368 in parking tickets and towing fees to get it back.

I deserved it!

My parking ticket and towing fees in California amounted to $368

That incident made me realize that there was no way for someone to contact me if I accidentally blocked them, if my parked car was hit or broken into, or if I ever leave the window open or the lights on.

My most expensive possession was often left unattended in public places with no way for others to contact me if there is a problem with it.

So I created PingTag to help people reach a car owner in similar situations, without sharing any contact information publicly.

The initial version was a web app that allowed people to create and print QR tags that they place on their windshields or dashboards, and that others can scan to contact them when there is a problem with their parked cars, without revealing their contact information to each other 😎

PingTag 1.0

Each tag acts like a unique address for a car, and that forwards messages to the owner’s email and phone number, while keeping their contact information 100% private.

Here is a video that shows what happens when someone scans the PingTag on a car.

After testing that version with more than 5,000 users, it became clear that people wanted to put PingTags on other items they owned and were asking for more features to allow them to recover any lost item, while keeping their contact information private.

And while most users liked the print-at-home direction, others wanted ready-made tags that they can attach directly to their items.

PingTag 2.0: The Evolution

After iterating over the initial version for about 9 months, the new PingTag is ready for prime time. Here is what you currently get:

— 🔔 Receive unlimited SMS + Email alerts while keeping your contact information private

— 🏷 Create and print tags for cars, keys, bags, wallets, and personal electronics.
— 🛒 Order ready-made tags from the members’ store — 💬 Reply to people directly via SMS without sharing your phone number

— 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Assign multiple contacts to a tag: all of them will receive email + SMS alerts and can also reply anonymously via SMS.

— 🌎 Update your phone number without having to print or order new tags, so if you are traveling, you can be reached wherever you are staying.

— 📝 Customize the message that shows on the page when a tag is scanned to add more information or offer a reward when an item is found.

PingTag 2.0

PingTag is ideal for parents and students who want to tag items that they might lose at school or on a field trip, for travelers and digital nomads who want to update the phone numbers attached to their luggage and gadgets without to constantly have to print new labels for them, and for professionals who work remotely or are always on the go.

Here is a second video that shows how PingTag helps recover lost items.

And of course, PingTag works well for car owner, and especially those who live in crowded metropolitan cities and who regularly park on the street.

Try the new PingTag for free. No credit card or app installation is required. Messaging works anywhere in the world.

PingTag Premium is also available for individuals and families, and it’s a one-time upgrade for life. No recurring subscriptions or annual fees.

Try PingTag for free here and let us know what you think in the comments below.



When you lose a valuable item that has a PingTag on it, people can scan the QR code to contact you to return it back to you. You receive SMS + email alerts, and you reply anonymously via SMS, without revealing your email or phone number to anyone.

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