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Convert Your Dreams into Reality

How to inch your way toward your goals

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If there’s one thing that has become clearer to me over the years, it is the power to dream the impossible. Various personal and social episodes have reiterated the fact that if you really believe in what you want, it will happen.

Contrary to the whole manifestation theory, I don’t believe in holding on to an image/dream for too long and expecting it to unfold…

I simply put my wish out into the universe and know it will get fulfilled if it has to.

What works for me instead, are small daily acts of sincerity and kindness — of diligently working toward your goal each day, of being a good person in any way you can, and of having complete belief in the fact that a Higher Power will take you to the desired destination.

I believe the power of making things possible essentially lies in the ability to unleash our inner strength to create what we want. And the way to build inner strength comes through various daily practices and rituals that help you stay balanced and calm…traversing life’s ups and downs with greater ease.

Whenever I’ve felt depleted of will power, positivity or energy, the below pointers have come handy… Feel free to use them too, to perk up your spirits, and help you convert your dreams into reality…

Read good words

There’s a reason why self-help books continue to be the largest selling category offline and online.

We all need a dose of something that feels good, boosts our confidence, and gives us a new perspective. Both internal and external motivation are needed for us to succeed.

When internal motivation is depleted, the best recourse is to look for help outside… When choosing a self-help book, choose a title that talks to you and slowly absorb its contents. Next, see how you can apply it to your daily life. You’ll be surprised by how a few good words can connect with you, and give your life new direction.

I tend to look to YouTube videos of various online gurus nowadays for any daily dose of motivation that I need. On some days, even short lines on Pinterest can be balm for my soul.

Keep doing

There is nothing that replaces regular committed work and service. As we stay devoted to the acts we believe in, we build a spirit of tenacity and resilience.

Our daily work keeps us grounded…it gives us a sense of immediacy and presence in the here and now… It brings our attention to what is important rather than what we think should be important.

The famous Indian text Bhagavad Gita, talks about doing one’s duty without expectation of any reward. This mantra is by far the most useful in coping with any certainties, doubts or fears…

Because most fears and doubts arise as a result of expectation of some reward… When you take away that aspect, all that is left is the joy in the work you do.

To top it all, working consistently helps us get ready for the life and dreams that await us. Every additional skill that you acquire today goes onto building a better life for you tomorrow.

Reach out

There is nothing like being there for someone in need. Small selfless acts of kindness help you grow personally, professionally and socially. But remember not to expect any reward for the good that you have done…just do and move on. Let the universe take care of the checks and balances…and be sure it will.

Your rewards will come to you in interesting ways, and at times when you least expect it. So make service your mantra, and get ready to receive the abundance of joy in this world.

A good way to start is to look around you, to see who needs help in your vicinity first…

Recently I heard someone say, ‘All you need to do is take care of the person on your right and on your left’… Service to humanity can be as simple as that!

Stay spiritual

Being spiritual in your thoughts, words and deeds will help you become a more positive and balanced individual.

The word spiritual for me means being connected to yourself so deeply that you can then connect more completely with the world.

Knowing the Self becomes a means to know the world better and respond to it more fully. Before we move toward any dream, we have to first be complete in ourselves… This done, we will then do more justice to what the universe offers us.

A good way of knowing yourself is by spending a few moments in meditation and mindfulness. Whatever method you use, give some time to it everyday… That time spent by yourself, becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings, will eventually help you deal with life situations with greater clarity.

Pray often

The power of prayer is immense and most practitioners will vouch for this. I did not believe much in prayer as a child…but today after facing various life challenges and evolving as a person, I’ve realized that the one thing that gives strength and peace to the soul, is most definitely prayer.

In whatever form and to whichever God you believe in, a mantra or a sacred verse, a daily ritual or a few words written by yourself, say a prayer each day and watch life’s miracles unfold.

Include the world

Your dreams mean nothing if they don’t include everyone around you. To see the true manifestation of your dreams, remember to include the well-being of the whole world in it.

We can only have a more powerful and peaceful existence if we create the same for others.

We are never alone in our journey — from being surrounded by the wonders of nature to the diversity in mankind, someone somewhere is always with you and part of your dream.

This feeling alone will take you to a new plane of existence, where dreams will become a by-product of your thoughts, where what you dream will no longer matter…as the most important dream will be — that you exist!

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