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Creativity is a Combination of 3Es

Energy, emotion and experience may just be the winning formula to keep your creative juices flowing…

My blog writing frequency has dropped considerably… As a regular blogger that can be a cause of concern…

And, I wonder what am I doing less of… Do I not have enough time and energy, have I run out of ideas — the famous writer’s block, or has nothing triggered me emotionally to write about?

A writer’s mind is one that seeks, and hence looks for answers within herself and outside of herself.

After much introspection, and plenty of reading — which is the best antidote for a creative dry spell— I came to the conclusion that perhaps, these three factors underlie all creative activities...

The 3Es — Energy, Emotion, and Experience.

These 3Es not only aid the creative process, but also determine at what level you will be able to create and how consistently.

A regular creative discipline helps you test your energy threshold and exceed it.

2. Emotion

Creativity is the courage to experiment with new realities created from your imagination…

But it is only the experienced who can do so…because only after working your imaginative and intuitive muscles consistently, and for long spells will insight come easily…

The only way to gain more experience in creativity is by creating more, and having the courage to stand by your creation…

This requires resilience, fortitude and commitment. But, more than anything, it requires maturity — a trait derived from experience!

Everyone creates with a different set of rules, that are designed to work for them.

But all creative enterprises will have some combination of the 3Es… So, understand how you can work with and enhance the 3Es to boost the creative process!



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