Do We Really Need to Celebrate Diwali?

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I’ve received an abundance of Diwali greetings today… All with the same wishes of peace, love, light and prosperity.

It made me wonder are we all really seeking the same thing? And if so, why are we still seeking them to begin with?

Why does one festival make us want to celebrate life more?

Why can’t we celebrate everyday…and the whole package that comes with it — the joys and sorrows, the fears and doubts, the love and laughter, the quarrels and the making up, the successes and the failures.

Every aspect of life is life, but we choose only happiness and celebration as being representative of life…as opportunities to rejoice in.

Light dawns on us each day… The sun rises and shines every single day… Light is abundant the whole year round, why then do we seek it only on special occasions…

Is it too much hardwork to make light and peace an everyday affair?

A festival is merely a ritual…being celebrated to bring us together with others, but what about uniting within yourself?

Why not celebrate everyday by taking a few moments out to meditate and revel in who you are… The person you’ve become as a result of everything that life has thrown at you.

The celebration of your being, in its current and purest form, is bliss…

A bliss that allows you to enjoy each and every moment, and the dualities that come along with it…

I’m not wishing you love, light, peace and prosperity just for Diwali, I’m wishing you peace and union within your very being…so that every day is filled with the light of bliss…and every day is a celebration of the radiant being that you are…

You need no external light or festival, you simply need to be yourself…to look within, and seek all the light you already have within you.

More power to you on this day and always!

What does light mean to you? What expressions of life bring us closer to that light?
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