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Get Ready to Write Your Story

First, you live, then you tell… Capture your life in words and be an inspiration to many!

Image by Anna Sulencka from Pixabay

I believe we should all be given the choice, voice, and platform to express ourselves.

Each one of us has within us stories of universal interest.

All we need is a nudge in the right direction…

Any way you look at it, your story is important.

As individuals we are telling stories all the time.

Our stories help us create a small place for ourselves in the universe.

Start with a premise

Similarly, every mission and purpose in your life can be stated in one line.

Establish the setting

Your environment becomes a background for the life you’re currently leading.

Work with your characters

Characters take the story forward. They add their own idiosyncrasies and give the story extra spice.

Get ready for action

We have to be geared to respond to life’s various possibilities.

Resolve conflicts

In life too, conflicts could be many, first with yourself and then with those around you.



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