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I was talking to a lady when she casually mentioned her age…she said she was 63. I was amazed, because she was radiant, cheerful and agile… And so I told her how she didn’t look her age at all!

That’s when she said, that the secret to her youthfulness was her ability to ‘let go’ carry no weight in her mind — in the form of grudges, worries or fears…to just live freely and joyfully.

We choose everything in our lives so carefully — our homes, clothes, gadgets, educations, careers and jobs… Why then don’t we focus more on what goes into our minds?

Why don’t we deliberate and segregate the positive from the negative…shunning what doesn’t serve us, keeping only what uplifts us.

Some people are of the view that positive thinking or self-help is a futile mechanism, making us feel good temporarily…almost like an intoxicant — it gives us a high only to feel worse the next day.

While others believe it is a way to live…to keep them going, giving them the will to fight on and face daily struggles…. The debate is eternal, because they are pitched at two extremes.

But the point of this blog is not the debate, it’s about how everything has a subliminal effect on us…how subtle thought impressions can radically change the way we live, think, and feel…all eventually reflecting on how we look as well.

I remember a guru in India once said, ‘After practicing some meditation techniques for 21 days, the very contours of your face change’.

Now I realise what he meant…the face changes because the thoughts change, the mind quietens, and awareness increases… All these gradually rid us of excesses, making our face look leaner, giving it a different contour altogether.

The cosmetic industry would like us to believe that anti-aging creams will retain our youthfulness, while the spiritual industry believes that the quality of our thoughts will determine how young we look and feel.

I’ve never understood the use of make-up and creams, and hence I’m going to opt for the latter. Moreover, it has no side effects on the skin or pocket…

Not to mention, it’s a treatment from the inside out… And it will go on to make a lasting and visible difference to you, as it enhances your inner beauty.

Inner beauty is a reflection of the interiority of your mind and emotions… It is built over time, with the ability to hold on to nothing, and realise that everything is but transient and ephemeral…here today, gone tomorrow…

It comes from everyday practices, from knowing that living is in the ‘now’ and ‘here’…in the dynamic present moment that has the ability to touch us in a way we’ve never felt before…

For that, we need to be aware and receptive to the wonders of life — both the triumphs and tribulations — even if we don’t understand them yet…

This is only possible with a clear and clean mind — one free of the impurities, that threaten to stay housed in our minds if we don’t cleanse them everyday.

Meditation then is a cleansing agent, and the astringent too. It takes away negative thoughts, and adds the glow to our beings… It makes us mindful of our thoughts, and their frequency. It also brings our negative thoughts to the surface, allowing us to annihilate them if needed.

Once this happens we can consciously add positive thoughts. The idea, though, is to eventually move into a neutral ‘zero-state’ mind, that has plenty of blankness and receptivity. This allows us to come into each experience with a state of absolute being — where only purity and awareness exist.

The ability to merely exist and respond to life without any extra baggage, is what gives our skin and lives that extra radiance and youthfulness. It’s what brings that spring into our step… We are no longer jaded by our past experiences…we have truly let go…let go to live once again!

Just recently someone complimented me saying, ‘You are looking the youngest you’ve ever looked…’

Now I’ve understood why — maybe it’s the meditation, or the ability to let go, to respond to life without any shadows in my mind…to see things with full clarity, without biases and fears, and to experience life as a bright and blank slate.

So, I urge you too — to let go, to feel reborn, and watch your skin and life glow…to watch a new you unfold!

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