Just One More Day…

Image Source: Pixabay.com

I had returned from a short holiday, and somehow it didn’t feel enough… I felt like it would have been more complete if I had had one more day —

One more day to see more, do more, stay a little longer in the company of friends.

But such is life — everything must end, sometimes too soon, sometimes interrupted, incomplete…leaving you longing for more.

The abruptness of life is what we have no control over. What we have control over, is trying to make each moment complete…

This happens only when you practice gratitude, when you appreciate the few fleeting moments you receive, and acknowledge them for what they are worth.

Conscious gratitude is what makes life complete…combined with the ability to know that what you received is just what you needed — nothing more nothing less.

Perhaps more would have killed the beauty of the experience, perhaps less will keep bringing you back to its beautiful memories…either way it was right for you!

The amount of what we receive in life, for just about anything then, is exactly what we need.

To long for more is an exercise in futility…a thought that only heightens the feeling of lack, of incompleteness, and leaves us hankering for more.

On the contrary, a feeling of gratitude and appreciation leaves us feeling a sense of calm contentment and abundance… More importantly, it reinstates our belief in knowing that what we received was exactly what was due to us.

Holidays can be short lived, love can be short lived, life itself can end faster than you know it…

The idea then is to put more energy into the days you’ve been gifted, and to make each day count…

When each moment is lived with a sense of wonder and contentment, nothing more will be needed…not one more moment, not one more day…

Every day will be enough, and every experience will feel complete!

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