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Making Music, Spreading Smiles

He’s a singer and music composer, a motivational speaker, and a sports commentator… Padamjeet Sehrawat uses his many modes of self expression to not just uplift his audience’s spirit, but to also transcend his own.

‘Come on and sing along!’

At a chat with Padamjeet Sehrawat, on one of his recent visits to Mumbai, I learned more about the multi-faceted man, who can churn up lyrics in 60 seconds, has mastery over many languages, and has a never-say-die attitude, that saw him overcome one of his life’s lowest lows, when he suffered from depression.

In the interview, Padamjeet highlighted key ideas that helped him ride the waves of life with a smile…

You have a unique mastery over words, conjuring up lyrics and sourcing motivational lines in a jiffy. How did you learn that?

Padamjeet: Every good talker must be a good listener, because it’s not when you speak that you learn, but when you listen that you learn. When you speak, you say what you already know… So, I’m a very attentive listener.

What are some life lessons that have helped you cope with your ups and downs?

Padamjeet: I don’t blame someone else for mistakes I’ve made, or for what’s happened in my life. I believe if I have the potential, the world will know of it. If success was slow to knock on my door, it was perhaps because I didn’t put in the necessary effort earlier.

The truth is, nothing hits you as hard as life. Success is not about how hard you hit back, but how hard you take the hit, and still keep moving forward…that’s how champions are made.

How do you conjure up lyrics in a few seconds, and put them to music so effortlessly?

Padamjeet: This skill can’t be practised, and I realised it later…it was just something I was born with.

I love picking up new words and sentences. I develop my own power of words.

When I’m on stage, doing the Motivational Musical, the message may be the same, but it’s the words you use that make a difference.

You’ve created a unique concept called the Motivational Musical, how does it work, and why do you think people need motivation?

Padamjeet: People need motivation because they have stopped believing in themselves. Everyone goes through something, and hence needs motivation every now and then… Show me a person who hasn’t failed, and I’ll show you a person who hasn’t made an effort.

If you make an effort, you’ll falter, you’ll fail. But you have to learn from your failures, and never stop trying.

My concept of the Motivational Musical is that I talk about something motivating, and then follow it up with a song. People are hooked because it’s not just a lecture, the music keeps the momentum going. Moreover, the audience is also engaged when they sing along.

You went through a brief phase of depression, how did you get over it, and what would you like to tell others going through a similar experience?

Padamjeet: In my depression phase, I was surviving one day at a time. I didn’t know whether the next day would come…it was that bad. But now that I’ve seen the worst, I know how to hack away at the inessentials, and focus only on what’s important in life.

People who are suffering from depression are not even ready to accept that they are suffering from it. But there’s no shame in it… If somebody’s depressed, it’s not their fault.

It’s best to accept the condition, and not delay the treatment, as otherwise it will only get prolonged.

Also, stay busy, and think good thoughts always. Look after your body and exercise. It’s important that by the time you hit the bed at night, you’re tired…good sleep is important.

In depression, you tend to eat a lot. I put on 16 kilos, and now I’ve shed 12. As the saying goes —A healthy mind does rest in a healthy body... You can’t feel good, if you don’t feel good about your body!

At peace, on stage

You motivate others, but what motivates you?

Padamjeet: Music... The greatest thrill I derive is on stage. In those few moments, I feel like I have the strings in my hands, and the audience’s mood depends on me... I can make them laugh, sing, give them joy. I feel good about myself, and in control.

I’m there to entertain them, and I try to do a good job. The audience should walk out of the auditorium with fond memories of the experience, and perhaps, spread my name across.

What disappoints you, and what would you like to see more of in the world?

Padamjeet: The biggest crime in the world is to give false hope to someone, and most people are doing that. Don’t commit to anything unless you’re totally sure about it, be it personal or professional. A quick ‘no’ is much better than a delayed half-hearted yes.

We’ve stopped feeling gratitude, we don’t count our blessings. If we look around us and see what we have, every one of us has enough. If we look around, and see what we don’t have, then we will never have enough.

I’m not saying don’t aim higher, but first be grateful for what you have now!

Pink Pinjra is grateful to have had the opportunity of meeting such a positive and light-hearted soul, who spreads good cheer everywhere he goes.

Padamjeet Sehrawat is not just motivating those around him, but is himself an example of how positive thinking can help you overcome life’s many situations. May his musical journey continue to motivate every life he touches!

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*Pictures of Padamjeet Sehrawat belong to him, and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.



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