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Merawala Pink — How to Build a Creative and Connected Space

Paint Your World in Colours of Your Choosing

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I remember the popular Asian Paint’s advertisement where the lady asks for ‘Merawala Cream’… She’s on an elusive hunt for ‘her’ perfect shade of cream for the house walls. Her husband shows her many shade cards, till she finally chances upon one by the promoted brand.

It reminds me of the time I first chose a shade of pink for a wall in my room, which was also the start of the idea for Pink Pinjra — a pink nest which supported and gave rise to my dreams, projects, and nursed several emotions and states of being.

Long before work from home became fashionable, I had already chosen to join the gig economy and work as a content consultant. No matter how limited it may have seemed, my room with one pink wall, became both my workplace and soul space.

Soon with COVID-19, it also became my yoga space, webinar space, and just about anything else it had to double up or triple up as. I often referred to it as my sanctum sanctorum, a place so sacred that only those I trusted with good vibes could enter.

I’m writing this because I believe each of us has one such safe haven — a place where we can be our true selves… A place where we create, develop, and spend hours pondering over life’s many questions.

A place where rest is as important as recreation, and activity as important as meditation. A place that reflects who we are, still invites the other to come and explore a part of themselves.

For many it’s a physical room, for some it’s just a state of mind, one they move into with ease… All they need to do is look within, shut out that sound from the outside, and dip into a reservoir of peace and tranquillity.

When my husband and I returned from a wellness retreat recently, a common thought was to carry the serenity back home with us… to recreate it in our home on a daily basis — otherwise the lessons learned there would be meaningless.

Is it even possible, though, to create such a physical or emotional space of tranquillity in our daily lives and homes? I’ve always believed it is, and perhaps successfully done so myself many times.

Here are some tips to help you create your own sanctum sanctorum, one that not only brings peace, but also allows you to nurture your creativity and dreams.

1. Let that space reflect your uniqueness

Yes, it could be just one pink wall, that reminds you of who you are, your choices — likes and dislikes — and that eventually become a compass, giving direction every time you get lost in the world of “others”.

An artefact, a piece of furniture you like sitting on, or a work of art that you resonate with…it could be anything... Something, that reminds you of the uniqueness of you.

2. Listen to soothing music or chants

There’s a reason every spa you enter plays soft instrumental music in the background— because it helps you unwind and listen to the melodies, rather than the chatter in your mind.

Relaxation is as much a sensory experience as an emotional and mental one. So ensure your five senses are soothed by sights, sounds, and fragrances that allow you to immerse yourself in the present moment.

3. Create space for emptiness

The most creative state is a thoughtless state, where all you do is surrender to the process, with little worry about its end result, often referred to as the state of flow.

Thus, to create something meaningful, or even complete an ordinary task with extraordinary focus, we need to feel a sense of emptiness. For this we need to create spaces that are devoid of clutter. A decluttered environment leads to a decluttered mind, and vice-versa, ensuring a better flow of thoughts and receptivity to the new.

4. Allow newness every now and then

Inertia in thought and in life arises when we maintain status quo, resist change, and don’t allow ourselves to experiment with the new. But life is play, adventure, and discovery… So, add newness to your space and life in different ways whenever you can.

Invite someone new over to your sanctum sanctorum, give them a glimpse into your world, and share with them yours. Bring in artefacts from across the country and world, and study how they were crafted. Or, take up a new hobby and give your space a new dimension, like painting, gardening, candle making or floral decorations, that add touches of colour to your space.

These are just a few of my ideas to make your personal spaces feel more calm, connected and creatively vibrant. I’m sure you have many too… Do share them in the comment box below.

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