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Move From Survival to Growth in 2018

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It’s taken me seven days of the New Year to actually get down to writing my first blog for 2018.

I had made a few resolutions for the year, one of them being to focus on my growth plans — particularly career growth. And yes, my first seven days were spent doing that.

But what that busyness and activity did to me, was leave little time for me to pursue what I love doing most — blogging for Pink Pinjra.

Pink Pinjra was founded to enable expression, and not just enable expression, but to also empower people through that expression.

I believe all of us express ourselves in ways most suited to us. And very often that expression is nothing but a story of ourselves, made beautiful for the world to see, hear, read, or experience.

So, you could be a dancer, yoga enthusiast, fitness guru, theatre artiste, or author…either way you have chosen a medium to express yourself, and you and your chosen craft need to be celebrated. Pink Pinjra does exactly that.

Thus, before I get back to the topic of the blog, I invite you once again to come share your stories, and for those of you who would like me to interview you, send me an email on

Now, about growth versus survival…

Survival is essentially what we do everyday… We go to work, exercise, sleep, eat, and get a little recreation…pretty much everything that we are used to doing, and manage to do well.

The challenge comes when we start thinking about growth… Growth involves moving beyond survival…

For growth to take place, we identify what needs to be improved upon in our daily lives. We then create certain goals to make those changes, and accordingly act upon them.

Sometimes, growth could simply mean increasing the level of challenge in a particular sphere of our lives.

Growth begins where survival ends…

More importantly, when one moves from surviving to thriving, one needs to leave a lot behind…

What you leave behind is what you once thought was essential for survival… This can be a hard step initially, but it can also liberate you, ultimately freeing you of fixed notions.

This morning, at my meditation class, I met a man who lives in the city — not a monk in a hermitage — and has started a practice of eating just two meals a day for the next 20 years.

This path was probably chosen by him to move faster toward his spiritual pursuits… But it’s undoubtedly a path that requires tremendous discipline. It also — contrary to what many believe, and do — will take away his desire to eat in between meals.

The meditator has already lost many pounds with this practice. But it hasn’t hampered his daily life…on the contrary, he is more alert and active.

The meditator is on a path of growth, he’s given up binge eating and now does not need food for survival, or for distraction, but to nourish his body in a very targeted way — two meals and no more!

It’s the process from growth to survival that is the most trying…and can sometimes seems like a war.

Because on one hand, you want to hold on to surviving, it’s a comfortable place, you know what you need to survive, and how to get it…

But on the other hand, you know it is making you complacent. Something within you keeps gnawing at you…pushing you toward what you’ve not seen yet.

That mysterious place — or the unknown — is growth egging you on, telling you to make plans, to take that unknown leap, and get ready to experience the new.

To get back to my own story… If you read my last blog, The Lessons I’ve Learned in 2017, you know that the last year I took a gap year… While I did grow in yoga and a general sense of well-being, I consciously decided to go easy on my career goals.

Now that the New Year has begun, my career goals are back on track… And so, the first seven days were spent burning the midnight oil, kick-starting those plans…

In the bargain, I had to let go of some time to myself…that I had got used to in the past year… But it’s all taking me to a new phase, and I’m enjoying it.

In seven days alone, I’ve reached out to thousands of new people through my promotional campaign. I’ve met at least one new person a day, and spoken to at least two–three new people every day on the phone.

I’m enjoying being back in business, and I now feel the promise of new times ahead… If I was still worried about survival, would I witness this new feeling of elation…and connection? May be not.

So, dear reader, don’t hold back… And don’t live to survive, instead live to thrive… Every extra step you take toward growth, will take you to a newer and better place… All you need to do is stretch a little bit more, and get ready to grow.

Growth and survival are both needed… You will need nourishment, exercise, sleep and finances…always. But in order to experience a different dimension of life, you have to grow.

Even the caterpillar had to grow out of the cocoon, and leave its safe place, for it to become a beautiful butterfly…

Survival is your cocoon, growth is the world around you.

This year, get ready to embrace that expanse… Make 2018 about growth… Pink Pinjra wishes you more power — express yourself, experience the new, and get empowered!

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