Speak No More… When Words Become Redundant

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Words trickle like a tap going dry. I wonder if words can convey the empty state of my mind…or manifest the depth of emotion and experience, the pain of agony and the joy of ecstasy... I don’t know the answers.

Where words were once a weapon in a personal conquest, today they are a false sense of security. Now silence is the balm, an effective solution to life’s many questions and conflicts.

As I journey inward, touching the remote corners of my being, connecting within, all that remains is the incredible power of quietude…the ability to accept life without any nomenclatures, words, or speech.

To a world striving and thriving in communication, I surrender my only weapon — I am no longer at war, peace is what I seek.

I jotted down the above paras after my ten-day Vipassana experience in August 2009. Vipassana is a form of meditation which gives paramount importance to silence, and the ability to look inward by the observation of one’s breath and bodily sensations.

The 10-day course is a commitment to silence, where the only dialogue you have is with yourself. Vipassana has its origins in Buddhism and is said to have been one of the main means used by Lord Buddha in the attainment of enlightenment. It is practiced across the world and its followers are many.

As I look back, I now know that Vipassana was a turning point in my life… It helped me discover within what you can’t discover outside, no matter how far you travel or how many people you meet…

There’s a strange comfort in being with yourself. You know you are all you have, and still you know that you are enough. Vipassana brings you closer to yourself, freeing you from all the trappings of the world, be it people, things, or the patterns of life you were used to.

This form of meditation opens up a whole new world of experience, where what’s happening within you is the only focus, and everything else becomes irrelevant… Just observing the life within you becomes an experience in itself…

Most meditation practices are essentially about appreciating that life force…that throbbing existence that gives rise to every other experience you are having. If it weren’t for the breath and the body, that allow you to experience every other sensation, you would be dead.

Moreover, meditation is about understanding the transience of life around you. In Vipassana too, as you move your attention from one body part to another, understanding its sensations, you realise that those sensations — even if painful — are merely transient.

As you focus on the next body part, you let go of the previous one, and slowly, before you know it, your whole body is alive, pain-free…simply because you’ve let go…

Sometimes the best way to seek peace is through liberation — liberation from thoughts and the body, liberation from words, and liberation even from expression. The need to keep saying or writing something, particularly in the age of social media, can be an exhausting one.

Quietude can replace that need for expression… In fact, it’s a form of expression itself, but this time it’s your body — and the life within it — that is expressing itself to you…

So speak no more…listen instead, you never know what you’ll hear!

What experiences have you had that have transformed your life? What forms of expression do you use to experience these, it could be silence, painting, dance or even yoga…
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