Do read these guidelines before submitting your article to Pink Pinjra. Once you understand the policies, you will be able to contribute to this publication in a more longlasting and meaningful way.

About Pink Pinjra

Pink Pinjra believes in developing your unique voice.

It is a new publication, still growing in its content and readership. We are grateful you decided to be part of the community and support expression.

Pink Pinjra largely covers topics on — life lessons, stories of transformation, self-enhancement, ideas for better communication and stronger relationships, and inspiring thoughts that can help you take that giant leap toward change and betterment.

The very essence of Pink Pinjra is to reflect voices and stories that have been little heard so far… It’s a space where you can express anything that is holding you back in your professional or personal journeys.

Pink Pinjra is a space essentially to share the challenges you’ve faced and the tools you’ve used to overcome them.

Ultimately, it showcases how your inner and outer transformation have become an inspiration to many.

Submission Guidelines

To ensure the spirit of Pink Pinjra is intact, and the quality of its content is exemplary, we request you to keep the below pointers in mind…

If these guidelines are not followed, there is a high probability and possibility that your story may face rejection… And we don’t want that to happen, do we?

Following these guidelines will not only help your articles get published, but also ensure you have a longstanding partnership with Pink Pinjra as a contributing writer.

Relevant Topics

Your article must have some elements of:

1. The importance of expression

2. Creative tools for expression

3. Examples of transformation

4. Personal growth hacks

5. Professional development tips

6. Inspirational and motivational thoughts

You may have been through a phase of gloom and doom, but to have come out of it through the use of expression is key... Sharing these tools of transformation is the essence of Pink Pinjra.

Article Format

Your article must ensure the following:

· It is original and authored by you.

· You have used an undisputed free image or an image of your own.

· If you have used names of people to illustrate a point, ensure you have their written permission (a copy of which should be submitted to Pink Pinjra) before you publish.

· If any research has been quoted, please provide necessary links to help us validate the same.

· Header image must be placed at the top of the article, either before or after the title.

· Your articles must have at least 3 of the 5 possible Pink Pinjra tags: self improvement, life, and change.

· At least one tag must include the topic of your article.

· At least one tag must be ‘Pink Pinjra’

Article Content

Please send in the complete and edited article… It shouldn’t be an incomplete article with a link that gets directed to the full article published elsewhere.

Avoid promoting or marketing your enterprise or products here… Pink Pinjra is a space for ideas, expression and transformation, and not sales…

Make the content easy to read. And, maintain a friendly positive tone throughout… We are here to give hope and revive positivity.

Editors’ Rights

Words and sentences that are not in sync with the publication’s sensibilities may be deleted for appropriateness.

Pink Pinjra has the right to add a line about the publication at the end of any story.

Publication Rules

We reserve the right to unlist articles published in Pink Pinjra, if they infringe on the well-being of another individual/entity, as per our discretion and without prior notice to the author.

Once you publish a story on Pink Pinjra on Medium, we ask that it stays in our publication. We are wary of writers who repeatedly remove stories from our publication.

Writers who violate the submission guidelines regularly will also be removed from the publication. We will accept them only once we see a marked improvement in their submissions.

How to Submit Your Articles

First, write in to and attach your post for submission. We will review it, and once we approve, we will ask you to create your own account on Medium and first post it there.

The next step is for us to add you as a writer/editor on our platform. Following this, you can then submit the draft version of your story for us to approve.

On Medium, you will find three dots (…) at the end of your piece. Since you are a writer/editor with us, you will then find an option that says: ‘Add to Publication.’ Next, select Pink Pinjra, and then wait for us to add it on to the publication.

You can either send in your article in the draft stage, so that we have time to review it, or else once you have already published it on your personal page.

After submitting, we will need a maximum of 48–78 hours to review and accept the article. We may take a little longer at times, but please do accommodate us.

Pink Pinjra looks forward to hearing your voice and giving your unique expression a platform. Follow our submission rules, and allow us to partner with you in joy and harmony. We look forward to hearing from you.

And thank you in advance for your contributions!

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