The Only Life Insurance Policy With No Premiums

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People talk about having life insurance, medical insurance, and all the other insurances that are available in the market… Some cover your home, some your business, some even your hands (if you’re an artist), and some your intellectual property.

But today I write about the real ‘life’ insurance you need, the one that comes in a paperless form, and has no premium attached to it…

This kind of insurance is — a person who shares with you their umbrella when it’s raining heavily…when dark thunderous clouds, dangerously swaying trees, and flooded roads threaten to disrupt your existence (metaphorically and otherwise).

Yesterday, the city of Mumbai in India, was witness to floods that paralyzed many of its systems temporarily… But what stayed intact was the spirit and resilience of its people.

I had difficulty finding a cab, and a lady — probably in her early 60s — graciously dropped me home… I couldn’t have thanked her enough, as she went out of her way, driving 3 kms extra and completely off her route, to ensure I reached home safe.

In the car, she said, with a big smile: ‘I may be an old lady, but I’m adventurous.’

Her spirit instantly lifted me up.

And that’s when I thought to myself, this is the real life insurance we need — someone to be with you when you wonder how you’ll get home… Someone to show you the way, support you, hold the umbrella up, and take you to your intended destination.

More than anything, someone to show you what it takes to have ‘real’ spirit.

Every other kind of insurance — and assurance — is just a piece of paper, it’s temporary support to help you tide over a situation…a practical aspect of life… It will help you survive, but it won’t make you thrive.

What makes you thrive are these heartwarming moments, when someone comes to your aid, and you come to someone’s aid… When someone puts your comfort above their own, and shares with you that little space under their umbrella.

In life, that’s really all the insurance you need — to feel protected and loved, to feel taken care of when it’s raining outside…to feel the warmth of someone’s support and care.

In the days of the cavemen, they most definitely didn’t have insurance, they only had each other… These are modern-day constructs, created to give us a false sense of security…like everything else that our urban lives have given us…

But what is real, is our altruistic spirit, our ability to reach out and give what is ours to the people around us, at times when they need it the most.

Yesterday, the people of Mumbai displayed this in abundance, like they always do at such moments of crises…

When everything fails the city — its infrastructure and the government, it’s the people who always shine bright, even amid the dreary dark clouds…

It is, in fact, this spirit that reassures us that we are truly insured — insured from floods, and any other natural or man-made disaster.

So, this year, instead of buying anymore insurance packages, try and become an insurance package yourself, not just to support your own life and business, but to support the lives and businesses of others too.

Altruism is really the only insurance we need, everything else is just a marketable commodity…important — yes, essential — no!

Altruism, like everything else, is indeed a form of expression… An expression of your innermost self to unite with the people and world around you.
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